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Why Workforce Management Matters in the Workplace?

In a modern organization, the term Workforce Management refers to a bunch of  Human Resources Management (HRM) processes determined to maximize the productivity and proficiency of the employees significantly. Workforce Management matters in a workplace since human resources is one of the most crucial assets of a business. Hence, it should be managed without any compromise to pave the way toward the optimum success of a company.

In this blog post, the significance of setting up good workforce management and all the reasons for picking up the perfect strategy for thriving a business are explained. 

Why is workforce management important?

Proper management of a workforce is necessary to avoid several business challenges and risks. Good workforce management can only be achieved by boosting the efficiency of the employees by making sure that they are using their potential to its fullest for the betterment of an organization. Allotting the right position to deserving human resources at the correct hour in the right place is how it is achieved.  All the tasks required to keep the staff proficiently productive and efficiently engaged are encompassed through Workforce Management

Modern companies use a specialized software program to enhance their Workforce Management. Staff tracking, scheduling, payroll generation, attendance and time analytics, and absence tracking are the fundamental functions and features that workforce management software assists with.

Core Workforce Management Processes

The core function of workforce management includes some crucial HR procedures. The foremost step in managing a workforce is staff planning and then comes the timecard reports, such as the payroll processing and advancing the work efficiency of the laborers.

With the proper assistance of an effective workforce management solution, a company can ensure that:

  1. Schedules for shifts are planned optimally with no needless overscheduling.
  2. In view of accurate timesheets, employees are compensated for their genuine work hours.

III. The freelancers or employees do not entertain abuse or mishandling of work from distant areas (remote work).

  1. Absences are limited to the minimum, and deviations in team or individual levels are best avoided.
  2. The overtime costs are kept in check.
  3. The procedures of workforce management are optimized in a digitalized way while making sure that the total working hours are worth and are not wasted on some inefficient and unnecessary administration.

Let us look at the main processes that come under the workforce management solution now in depth. Know more about Workforce Management Process: Definition, Modules, Benefits, and Tool for Implementation

Staff Scheduling

The fundamental priority of workforce scheduling is placing the correct number of relevantly qualified employees at the right time. The proper deployment of rotating and single shifts, the consideration of attendance records daily, overview creation, and vacation planning every year are assisted by the staff scheduling solution. Besides analyzing vacation and deployment schedules, staff scheduling also makes it possible to create duty rosters for each employee with great ease. 

A workforce management solution that accompanies staff scheduling ordinarily upholds the following features:

  1. Arrangement of scheduling templates for organizing work hours.
  2. Distribution of schedules to every member of the team.

III. Time accounts extrapolation on the basis of the previously created work plan schedule.

  1. An outline of the covered prerequisites as per the work plan schedule.
  2. Forecasting the labor cost.
  3. Scheduling automatic employee reminders and managing changes in the upcoming employee shifts.

VII. Convenient admittance to access the work plan schedules in real-time by means of a portable application that can be set up in the employees’ personal use devices.

With staff scheduling, administrators can easily keep track of their workforce on a calendar, and employees can keep a check on the updates of their assigned relegated schedules through a mobile application or a website. 

Tracking Absences

The other facet of managing employee in an organization is absence tracking. The management of vacations and sick leaves might add a great deal of additional work both for the administrators and the staff, hence, monitoring different kinds of absences is crucial for better management of a workforce. Timesheets are produced by a good workforce management solution for precise payroll processing in account of various kinds of work and absences.

Employees can simply apply a solicitation for absence through this absence tracking feature, and an automated notification will be received by the managers so that they can either deny or approve the request as effectively as expected. Planning vacations coordinatively among the team gets a lot easier with this feature. 

Monitoring Overtime

Tracking overtime is another significant component of workforce management as it is important to maintain compliance with the guidelines and address certain safety and cost-related concerns. Managers can precisely track their employees’ overtime automatically through a digitalized workforce management solution, especially through the implementation of a relevant workforce management IT apparatus to be more specific.    

Generating Payroll

With the use of an expert workforce management solution, the processing of payroll becomes both simple and accurate. Exporting a customized report that fits the HR accounting requirements of the business is easily possible for the managers through an expert workforce management solution. Besides, managers can also avoid tedious processes and perplexing timesheets of different employees through this feature. 

Time And Attendance Analytics

HR analytics are being utilized by ever-increasing data-driven organizations. Concerns regarding the count of hours worked per employee, unpaid vacation balances, department-specific illness rates, accrued overtime, number of absences followed by specific reasons, and other departmental matters can all be addressed through HR analytics.

Digitalized HR reports derived from the clocking events can assist the management in keeping work efficiency high with a low absence rate. Deviations, balances, and other such statistics are always available to support this process.

Prime Benefits of Workforce Management

Work proficiency can be significantly enhanced via the usage of good workforce management software even for various specialized functions such as ERP for finance, CRM for sales, and PM for several operations. There is a huge number of features in a workforce management solution that benefits businesses in the following ways: 

  • Improved management and scheduling of staff absences
  • Monitoring overtime
  • Notifications and reminders make it easier to clock in and out quickly
  • Available HR analytics make workforce management more efficient
  • Enhanced transparency and accountability
  • A transparent and open work environment resulting in increased employee motivation
  • Fulfillment of the required standards of compliance
  • An effective rise in business productivity
  • Remote and flexible shift tracking
  • Cost-efficient with no necessary upfront investment
  •  Fewer errors due to the automated payroll generation


Choosing the right workforce management system is the wisest decision ever made by a company since the efforts and time of the employees are the greatest asset of a business. Excelling at the workplace and managing time efficiently marks the real difference between success and failure in this busy complex world full of competition and no house for mistakes or taking challenging decisions. For prompt workforce management, you can choose software solution for real-time insights on various aspects like attendance, productivity and more. ProHance offers cutting-edge software solutions to mitigate all your workforce management needs. It empowers business leaders to make SMART decisions within a distributed workforce. With that, it enables you to check collaboration scopes and optimize productivity.