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Why You Need Climate Control in Your Self Storage Facility

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Self storage companies offer climate-controlled units that help maintain the integrity of stored items. These facilities provide an environment where temperature and humidity are kept within safe ranges. This protects personal belongings, valuable items, and sensitive materials against the damaging effects of fluctuating environmental conditions. Here’s why you need climate control in your self-storage facility:

Protects Against Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures will cause irreversible damage to a wide variety of stored items. Wood furniture can warp or crack, electronics can become faulty, and plastics may melt or become brittle. A climate-controlled facility maintains a consistent temperature range, preventing such damage. Climate-controlled units are more useful in regions experiencing severe hot or cold weather. By stabilizing the temperature, climate-controlled units can enhance the longevity of stored belongings.

Prevents Mold and Mildew

High humidity levels promote the breeding of mold and mildew, which can ruin fabrics, papers, and sturdy materials like wood. Climate-controlled units maintain low humidity levels, reducing the risk of mold and mildew growth. This protection is invaluable for storing clothing, necessary documents, and furniture. Self storage companies offering this feature attract customers who value the preservation of their items. 

Preserves Documents and Photos

Fluctuations in temperature and humidity will cause fading, discoloration, and deterioration of paper-based items. Climate-controlled storage units provide a stable environment that helps preserve the integrity of these items. This provides safe storage for businesses storing records and individuals safeguarding family memories. Climate-controlled units provide assurance to customers that their irreplaceable items are well-protected.

Safeguards Musical Instruments

Musical instruments are delicate and require specific conditions to maintain their quality and functionality. Wood instruments will warp or crack in extreme temperatures, while brass instruments may suffer from corrosion due to high humidity. Climate-controlled storage provides an environment where these instruments can be safely stored without the risk of damage.

Maintains the Value of Collectibles

Collectibles, whether they are stamps, comics, vintage clothing, or antiques, often hold high monetary and sentimental value. Fluctuating temperatures and humidity can degrade these items, reducing their value and appeal. Climate-controlled units help preserve the condition of collectibles, maintaining their original value. Companies that offer climate-controlled environments may be more likely to attract collectors who are serious about safeguarding their treasures.

Reduces Risk of Pests

Pests are attracted to environments that are hot or humid. Climate-controlled storage units minimize the risk of pest infestations by maintaining a stable environment that is less appealing to pests. This helps in preventing damage to stored items, as pests will chew through almost anything, including furniture, clothing, and wires. Companies invest in a pest-free environment for their customers’ belongings by implementing climate control measures.

Minimizes Odors

Odors will accumulate in traditional storage units that are not well-ventilated or subject to extreme temperatures and humidity. Climate control helps minimize odors by maintaining a clean, stable environment. This protects items that are prone to absorbing smells, such as upholstered furniture and clothing.

Find Self Storage Companies With Climate Solutions

Safeguarding the quality of your belongings starts with choosing the right storage solution. Climate-controlled units offered by self storage companies provide a good environment for protecting your items from damage. Start today and invest in a company that prioritizes the longevity and preservation of your belongings through climate-controlled storage.