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Why You Need to Invest in Video Sharing

New data released from the Unruly Viral Video Chart, which has been keeping track of video sharing from 2006, has discovered that there has been an almost 100% increase in social sharing of brand videos in the first three days of them being launched.

Unruly discovered that one in four brand video shared occurred within the first three days after a campaign was launched. That number has increased to 42 per cent after just one year, meaning the first days are even more important for marketers looking for advertising success.

But why have we seen such a quick increase in the sheer speed of video sharing within a year. We’re going to explore some of the reasons below.

More Social Networks and a Fragmented Video Ecosystem

At one time, it might have been considered okay to simply upload a video to YouTube and watch the views increase. No longer is that the case. With the amount of clutter out there, YouTube is seen as the video site where many good videos go to die.

With so many views occurring away fromYouTube, there have never been more places for people to view video content these days.

Once Facebook introduced auto-play video ads, along with the introduction of Instagram Video and Vine’s short-form content, advertisers have more choice when looking at how to amplify their content and engage their audience.

With the launch of one short-form video sharing platform after another and an increasing number of social networks, along with the abundance of Open Web sites that allow brands to advertise video content, the speed at which videos are being viewed and shared continues to rise at an exponential rate.

Faster Sharing

How we use social media continues to evolve. It’s more frequent and heavier than it once was. Now when you’ve viewed a video that you love that you want to share with your network, your friends may well have already viewed it. Not only that, but there’s also fierce competition to be the first person to view a trending video these days, especially among younger people.

At one time, sharing a video over one week old would make people think you’re not in touch. Now that week has turned into mere hours. Also, many people don’t like to share content that’s already attracted a particular number of Tweets, which could be 100 people, 1,000 people, or more. With more sharing occurring than ever, however, such numbers are being achieved faster.

Mobile Consumers

There’s been more video viewing on tablets or smartphones. What effect could that have on video sharing? Well, smartphones are always on, so social media content is now so accessible, and we have a tendency to regularly scroll through our social feeds, as opposed to waiting until we wait for the kids to go to bed or until we get a break at work. There’s a quickening of the social pulse, and the transition to mobile has a big role to play in that.