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Why You Should Always Update Apps and Software

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Occasionally you will receive a notification from the software or apps on your device regarding an update. You will usually have a choice of accepting the update or rejecting the update. Some updates can take a little time to install but you should always accept them because in the long run, they can prove vital.

For example, one of the many benefits of updating apps and software is to ensure you can continue using them. One glance on the site highlights some of the issues people have had with the DraftKings mobile application and one of the sound pieces of advice is to make sure the app is up to date. If you are running an older version of an app, any of the new features which have been included in the latest app release, may not be supported in the previous app. So, when you attempt to launch the app, it does not work and you can no longer access your account. Not only does failing to update the app mean you cannot access the app, but you are also missing out on the features that have been included in the new release.

You do not want to load your favorite game only for your friends or other players to be using an updated version. Chances are, if it is a multiplayer game, you will not be granted access to the game until you install the update. 

Another of the important reasons why you should always update apps and software is security. Hackers are always looking for software vulnerabilities and if found, they can steal your personal and financial information, which is something no one wants to happen. Sometimes, all it takes is for you to visit a website or scroll through a compromised app and your device can become infected with a virus. Many software and mobile application updates include security patches and these are the latest versions, accounting for the most recent security threats. By keeping your apps and software updated, you will have the latest security patch and this helps to stop hackers from gaining access to your device.

In terms of data breaches, using the latest software and app updates can keep your information off the dark web. Cyber criminals target devices which have not been updated and aim to get access to your email and personal information. Even if the information gathered is not of any use to the individual, it may be of use to someone else and your details can be sold to the highest bidder and used to commit crimes. A ransomware attack is when a cyber criminal locks your data and asks for money for you to have it back. Even if you decide to pay the ransom, you may still not get it back and that is why you must always update your software and apps when asked to do so by your device.

Usually takes only a matter of seconds to update apps and software and the benefits are great.