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Why You Should Become a Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator

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The digital landscape is growing fast and vast and so is cybercrime as a consequence. When assessing the cost of cybercrime to companies, it is hard to digest what a small error can end up destroying. Just like crime investigations are a significant part of public security, computer investigations are a significant part of cyber security. Investigating cyber crimes by using cutting edge digital forensic technologies has led us to gain insightful evidence into cybercrime and its preventive measures. Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator is a certificate course that deals with computer investigation and analysis to discover evidence of a cybercrime, producible in a court of law.

High demand for CHFI professionals

Computer Forensics has become a hot field that is expected to grow by 17% between 2016-2016. Government agencies, private firms and other entities are hiring more forensic investigators to investigate cybercrimes, retrieve lost data and other analytical tasks, due to the increasing number of cyber incidents. CHFI certification an ethical hacking course is demanded by employers to investigate cyber incidents. While technological innovations keep breaking records, digital forensic experts keep on garnering more demand in the digital world that powers a huge part of our planet and even space. 

Interesting applications

As a CHFI professional, you will learn a lot of helpful techniques to conduct a forensic investigation in computer crimes and abuse. Your job role will be more than just investigating hacking attempts. You will also be uncovering theft, misuse or destruction of intellectual property or trade secrets, all of which is stored in the form of data in today’s world. With the rising incidents of accounts of high profile individuals being hacked every other day, it will be your responsibility to trace the perpetrator and gather evidence against them to report the crime. The number of data breaches and ransomware attacks that several industries face is no laughing matter. As a CHFI expert, you will help the victim organization to recover encrypted, lost or damaged data.

Flexible and comprehensive training program

Although the program is undertaken by IT professionals, who are involved in cybersecurity, there is no limit as to who can learn computer forensic investigation. The CHFI program is in high demand in the police, law enforcement, military and defence departments. The course is offered by EC-Council, a pioneering certification body best known for its CEH certification. The certification you will get after passing the CHFI exam is internationally recognised and highly valued all over the globe. The recommended duration for the course is just 5 days with a total of 40 hours of expert training that will provide you with comprehensive and holistic coaching on everything related to the field. The training program incorporates search and seizure of data, incident handling, handling digital proof, gathering risky data, emergency procedures, recovering lost data from different operating systems, steganography, image forensics, cracking passwords and much more. You will be in expert hands during the entire program receiving hands-on training with cyber labs.

You can also choose online training from the safety and comfort of your home and get CHFI online certification which is as valid as the normal certification. Certainly, job procurement is not the only factor considered while pursuing a course. Salary, job stability, job satisfaction, growth prospects, job security and many other small and big factors play a key role in making a career-related decision. If you have chosen CHFI to be your calling, then you can relax about these factors being met, that too with flying colours. Cybersecurity is known to stand the test of adverse economic times, and it is one of the highest-paid professions in the IT industry with an insane growth curve and job security.