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Why You Should Use Crest Accredited Suppliers

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The need to outsource managed security operation services has grown rapidly in recent times. It is considered an essential part of a proactive cyber security service. With the increase in the demand for these security services, the supply of such services has also increased in the market. But you can not trust every other security services provider. A trustworthy accreditation body is a must to fulfil all advanced issues faced in the modern era. SOC Crest accreditation is considered reliable in tackling threat hunting and incident response. Getting a proper and trained supplier is important. Crest accredited suppliers can outmatch any other same services provider because of their up-to-date security services. 

Reasons To Use Crest Accredited Suppliers:

Here are the reasons that can create interest and compel to use Crest accredited suppliers and take advantage of their professional skills.

1. Trusted World Wide:

It is renowned globally for providing beneficial affirmation to the companies. It is another name for trust especially when you have to work and convince overseas customers. You can judge the credibility of any company by its certifications. Those who have gained Crest accreditation are surely providing some worthy services. 

2. Expertise At Its Peak: 

Technology keeps changing and improving. We witness these improvisations every day. But, with every passing day, we see security threats are becoming an issue. The certified companies stay updated as the certification is repeated every so often. Workshops and events are arranged to keep the member companies well informed about the advancements. 

3. Highly Skilled Professionals:

Crest accredited suppliers are highly skilled and proficient and they have to pass a series of hard tests to prove themselves worthy of this accreditation. Proving once is not enough. They have to maintain and continuously prove themselves every three years. There is a certain time frame that every Crest service supplier has to complete to prove their worth and showcase their skills in the market. They have to pass a set of examinations to verify their skill. The important part is that Crest qualifications are reviewed by the Governments and Controllers. 

4. Winning The Customer’s Trust: 

Customer assurance is a matter of great concern as they often ask for the demonstration of security services. Being Crest accredited, you provide proof that you are providing the best security services. They are not just technically advanced but they also follow a personal code of conduct. They morally represent that they are a Crest member company. 

5. Get Accredited Services:

High-quality accredited services like Cyber security incident response, penetrating testing, security operation centers (SOC), and vulnerability assessment are within the reach of the customers. They can rely confidently on these accredited services as only those companies get accredited who are able to qualify a specific quality criterion. ISO27001, GDRP, NIS Regulations, and PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) are security requirements that a Crest pen test reinforces. The entire pen testing process is conducted by keeping in view all technical, ethical and, proficient standards.