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Why Your Website Design Matters and How it Affects Your Brand Image

A website is important not only for companies that do business exclusively online, but also for those who own physical stores, and establishments. This is where your customers, partners, or the media can get comprehensive information about your company. So, website failures are a luxury. It only takes a few seconds for each user to decide whether to continue visiting the site or contact another. 

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The question of what kind of user experience you offer to all website visitors should be your primary concern. Internet users already seem to have seen everything. Thus, something mediocre will not surprise them. If you care, use UX consulting services to help you develop a unique solution for your business. 

We’ll talk about why website design matters and how it affects your brand image. 

Brand Impact 

Every company dreams that people associate their brand with something good. Website design and functionality play a significant role in this regard. Now, users’ first exposure to brands is through websites, so you need to make a lasting first impression. 

Each design element gives your brand a personality. In this regard, everything from the posted content to fonts should be thought out to the smallest detail. They must be carefully selected and coordinated with each other, forming a big bright picture. 


Brands that people have been familiar with for years should stick to the color combinations by which people recognize the brand when creating a website. For example, Starbucks is known worldwide for the combination of green and white. Their website is also designed in the same color combination, so this does not cause any misunderstanding among users. 

If you are a young company that does not yet have recognizable colors, then it does not hurt to familiarize yourself with color associations to find the perfect color palette for your brand. 

Colors play a paramount role in psychology as they subconsciously influence a person’s mood. Green is associated with nature and freshness. Blue evokes a sense of trust in people, which many airlines use. Black color is associated with elegance and grace. This color is used in the design of the Apple website, which emphasizes the high quality of the products. 


Many websites now have a minimalist design that allows users to quickly notice important information. A website crammed with a huge amount of information will not make the right impression on users and especially your target audience. 

Cluttered web pages are challenging to navigate. With such a website, it will be difficult for you to focus the attention of buyers on what is important. Big announcements, promotional offers, or new arrivals will simply go unnoticed. 

Cleaner layouts and well-structured websites allow the audience to focus on what you have to offer. 


The choice of fonts depends entirely on your audience. If you are targeting a younger generation, then you should go for non-standard and stylish options. If your audience is older people, then they are more interested in simplicity without frills. 

Whatever font you choose, always stick to the main rule: it should be readable and noticeable. Thus, not only the font itself plays a role, but also the background, which directly affects visibility. 


It should be simple and concise. In this matter, there is no need to resort to excessive creativity to stand out from the competition. When customers visit your site, they are interested in quickly finding information, but if your navigation becomes another puzzle, then you simply lose customers. 

The design should facilitate quick search, and the posted content should attract attention so that users want to stay on it longer. 

Booking, for example, does not have an extraordinary design but offers users a simple and quick search for information. Without further ado, on the main page, users can see the prices of housing, specifying the destination, dates, as well as the number of guests. 

Below, users are invited to familiarize themselves with all possible accommodation options, including hotels, apartments, cottages, chalets, villas, and more. In addition to accommodation, on the main page, you can also book a taxi or rent a car. Everything is simple and concise. Along the way, users can read valuable articles about traveling. 


Do not take the matter of creating a website lightly. The way you are presented in the online space will allow you to attract more new customers and retain loyal ones. Remember color associations, a simple layout, readable fonts, contrasting backgrounds, and easy navigation.