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Wigs on the Trip: How to Stay Beautiful While Traveling

As a frequent traveler, I know how difficult it can be to maintain your normal beauty routine while on the go. The early mornings, long days of sightseeing, and new environments can take a toll on your hair. But having great hair on vacation not only makes me feel better, it provides wonderful photo ops! 

Over the years, I’ve learned tips and tricks to keep my hair looking fab despite hectic travel schedules. Read on for my advice on choosing the right wigs and styling them like a pro so your tresses are always travel-ready.

The Wig Capsule Wardrobe

The key is having a capsule wig wardrobe that covers all your needs – whether it’s a beachy getaway or city exploring. Here are my must-have wigs that guarantee gorgeous locks in every destination.

For Sightseeing: Knotless Braids

My go-to travel wigs are knotless braids. These jumbo braids are perfect for busy days filled with lots of activities because they’re so low maintenance. I don’t have to stress about styling or frizz in humidity – I just put them on and go! The braids fall just below my shoulders, so I get that long, romantic look on vacation. 

Knotless braids are also versatile. I can pull them up in a top knot when I want to beat the heat. Or let the braids loose and flowy for dinner out. They give me styling options but never take much time. I get compliments on them everywhere from the Eiffel Tower to the Great Wall. 

For Beach Vacation: Wet and Wavy Lace Front

When I’m headed on a tropical getaway, I always pack a wet and wavy lace front wig. The long, loose curls are sexy and beachy. I don’t have to worry about ocean dips, pool time or humidity frizzing up my hair. This wig dries wavy so I look like I just emerged from the turquoise waters all day long. 

I love how lightweight the lace front construction feels in the tropical heat.The boho braids add a touch of bohemian style to my beach look. I often braid sections of the wig to create a boho-inspired hairstyle. The braids give a relaxed and effortlessly chic vibe, perfect for spending a day under the sun. Whether I wear the braids loose or styled into an updo, they always enhance my tropical getaway experience.

A mist of salt spray adds texture for that lived-in, sun-kissed look. The dark roots and caramel highlights perfectly frame my face with the colors of an island sunset. Along with the boho braids, this wig truly completes my beachy and carefree vacation look.

For Nights Out: Large Knotless Braids

A glamorous vacation calls for an equally fabulous wig. When I want to go all out for evenings, I turn to large knotless braids. These waist-length braids are seriously striking. I feel like a goddess walking into the club or fanciest restaurant in town. 

I choose large knotless braids in a vibrant color like burgundy or soft pastel pink. The size makes a bold statement that turns heads. And they’re surprisingly lightweight thanks to the knotless technique. I can dance the night away without any tension on my scalp!

The braids also photograph beautifully in dim lighting, capturing the ambience and magic of my exotic location. Looking at pics of me in those braids with a cocktail in hand instantly takes me back to that unforgettable night.

Here is the revised paragraph with “small knotless braids” instead of “straight bob”:

For City Strolling: Small Knotless Braids 

If I’m headed to a metropolis like London or Paris, I pack small knotless braids. The shoulder length braids are chic and sophisticated. They work well whether I’m browsing museums or sitting at a sidewalk cafe. The neat, uniform look accentuates my makeup and jewelry in a way long hair can’t.  

I style the small knotless braids with a side part and lightly pull out some braids for volume. This takes the look from too tight to naturally full. With a pop of matte lipstick, cat eye sunnies and a cashmere wrap, I feel tres chic!

The shorter length means I don’t have to fuss with hair constantly blowing in my face on windy city days. Yet I still get versatility from parting and pinning it in different ways. The small knotless braids are a cosmopolitan darling.

Travel Styling Tips & Tricks

Now that you know my go-to wigs, here are my best tips for styling and caring for them on the move:

– Bring mini versions of your favorite hair products to refresh wigs between wears. Dry shampoo, sea salt spray and leave-in conditioner are musts! 

– Pack a small curling iron. I use a 0.5 inch iron to touch up straight bobs by quickly waving the ends or sides.

– Don’t forget extra wig caps! They get dirty faster when you’re active all day. Change them regularly.

– Carry small clips, pins and hair ties to change up styles. A few accessories go a long way.

– Get travel wig cases! They protect your wigs and provide extra storage for small hair products.

– Research hotels with salons or wig services. Some destinations even have wig shops. You have options if yours gets damaged.

– Use satin bonnets or scarves at night. They prevent wig friction that leads to frizz.

– Allow extra time for wig prep in your schedule. You’ll be glad you did!

With the right wigs and a few styling essentials, you can rock gorgeous hair anywhere in the world. Follow these tips and wig out with confidence on your trips while staying true to your personal style. Don’t let busy travel days compromise your beauty. You’ll return home with amazing memories and photos of your fabulous vacation hair!


In conclusion, as a frequent traveler, I have found that maintaining a consistent beauty routine can be challenging. However, with knotless braids wigs, not only have I managed to keep up with my beauty routine, but I have also enhanced it. These wigs have proven to be a reliable and chic solution to staying beautiful while traveling. They are a testament to the saying, “Beauty does not have to be complicated.” And with that, I invite you to explore the world of FANCIVIVI.