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Will Instagram Remove the Like Option in 2020?

Instagram is one of the biggest names in the social media industry and more than a billion active users are logging in daily to their accounts. With the platform being super competitive, the creators have planned to remove the number of likes for some users to reduce cutthroat competition among influencers. In fact, with many people going crazy and buy Instagram likes fast, we hardly see this plan seeing the light of day. It looks like the number of likes might not be so important if Instagram removes the like option. So why not show off with more likes while others still can see them. Always use reliable and cheap services like FluidBuzz or LightningLikes to get high-quality likes instantly. And make sure you check out these Instagram marketing tips.

According to sources, users on the platform will still be able to see the number of likes they receive on their posts however this metric will not be visible to anyone else. You can always use some service to check Instagram stats. However, till that point it makes sense to get followers and likes from a site like BuyTrueFollowers, to help you get the ball rolling.

With the platform being super competitive, the creators have planned to remove the number of likes for some users to reduce cutthroat competition among influencers.

There are several rumors spread by beta testers with one tester, Jane Manchun Wong providing a screenshot to support her claim who was testing the beta version of this feature.

According to the pop-up notification, it states the following message for the users;
“We want your followers to focus on what you share, not how many likes your posts get. During this test, only the person who shares a post will see the total number of likes it gets.”

With many, this new feature Instagram plans to remove the data of the total number of views from all posts including photos and videos. This data will only be visible to the account owner themselves and not to anyone else.

The Reason:

According to officials at Instagram, the main reason to include this feature is that the platform is getting too competitive and people are focussing more on likes rather than posting quality and engaging contents to encourage interaction with other users. It is found that in many cases, users tend to take off their posts since they do not get enough likes on their posts. With many studies conducted on the impact of social media on human interaction, researchers have found an unhealthy obsession of likes among many users which is quite harmful to the mental wellbeing. Reduction of social anxiety and lowered competition is what Instagram aims to achieve by introducing the new feature and aims to eliminate this part in order to reduce the negative effects resulting from such competitions.

The Reception:

The idea of removing likes from Instagram has been met with mixed feelings. Till now, likes and subscribers used to be the top priority for many influencers on Instagram as these were top metrics that helped them gain prominence on the platform and was great of comparing popularity.

While many are happy to finally have a more calmed out experience on Instagram, many influencers have also raised concerns as Instagram is one of their primary streams of income. Their entire business model is based on accruing more likes and subscribers to ensure that they get sponsored by different brands for their marketing needs.

This new feature is set to roll out in selective regions such as Canada and it is quite unsure that they will implement it all over the globe but if users remain positive to the change Instagram could very soon get rid of “Likes” from their platforms in an attempt to create a healthy environment for all users.