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Will Playing Online Games Help with Brain Health?

How Our Brain Works

If you’ve ever looked at a 3D model of the brain, you would see that it consists of 3 main parts: The forebrain, midbrain, and hindbrain.

Each part is employed in different elements of how we think, process information, walk, talk, and any other aspect of how we function from moment to moment .

Our brain is the mastermind behind our playing decisions. The brain becomes stimulated when playing games and its awareness is heightened. It’s almost as if it is in what is known as fight-or-flight mode.

Playing games also activates the brain’s cognitive functions such as strategic planning and memory formation. Meanwhile, driving games and action games improve reaction times.

Past studies have proven that playing online games is beneficial to our brain health. These activities can be attributed to a higher intelligence and consciousness.

More specifically, online casino games are a healthy way to train the brain and allow it to think in different ways.

With the rise of online casino games, some patrons are concerned about their brain health and the effects of playing these games. There are some indications that it can be helpful for all cognitive functioning.

Benefits of Online Games for Brain Health

Increased Hand-Eye Coordination

A study revealed that playing Bingo, whether online or offline, has the ability to increase a player’s dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Reflexes improve with time and the study revealed that the response times were similar between young and older players.

Decision Making

The majority of online casino games involve decision making. Should I make that move? Should I bet this amount? Should I fold? Should I continue playing?

Casino games require that you to use your brain matter to take risks and make calculated moves since they are essentially skill based games.

Increased Focus and Attention

You’ll find yourself in a hypnotic state when your eyes are fixed on the screen with your hand on the mouse; it’s as if nothing can break your focus.

Online casino games are mesmerizing; they require you to place all of your concentration of the task at hand. You’ll notice that distractions are rarely a problem; you are too enthralled in the cyber universe.


While playing online casino games, you can interact with other players. This not only stimulates our brains but decreases our stress levels. These games can also be treated as a form of social experience where you can enjoy playing with each other.

The brain loves interaction and just because you’ve chosen to bring your casino gaming experience to your home doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy talking to others. The games are designed to encourage you to interact with each other in order to optimize your experience.

“Their interactivity can stimulate learning, allowing individuals to experience novelty, curiosity and challenge,” Dr Griffiths, Professor of Gambling Studies at Nottingham Trent University and the Director of the International Gaming Research Unit.


University of California researchers developed a game to increase mental ability. Their participants were between the ages of 60 and 85. The researchers wanted to see how their multitasking skills would improve by playing this specialized game.

The results of the study proved that their short-term memory improved, as did their ability to focus on a monotonous task. The feeling of being challenged and stimulating the brain induces a higher level of improved multitasking; playing the game while keeping in mind your next move and improving how fast you make the decision.


Overall, playing online casino games increases a player’s mood. Most players instantly become happier. Whether it’s the flashy lights, fun sounds, or the game itself as the cause of happiness, it’s no wonder people continue to play.

One study noticed a 17% drop in cortisol levels among those who play online casino games. Cortisol increases when we experience stress.

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The media usually attribute negative and destructive behavior to online gaming, but this isn’t completely true. The behavior can stem from environmental factors not necessarily caused by the games themselves.

Scientists have been researching the effects of gaming on our brains for years. They concluded a small 4% increase in negative behaviour after playing violent games.

One study revealed that by playing Super Mario 64 DS, three of the brain’s sections: prefrontal cortex, the right hippocampus and the cerebellum all increased in size.

Now, after many studies, it has been determined that playing online games can assist in further developing a person’s educational intelligence and be used as a therapeutic method for others.

If anything, games are an important part of improving brain health.

An article published in Science Daily explains that after assessing a group of gamers for their cognitive abilities of multitasking and spatial attention, the experimenters concluded that the group had improved brain function more than a non-gamer.

The researchers also asked the question: Can the brain be trained? Their conclusion is that in some ways, yes, we can train our brains to react a certain way or make a decision based on the rules of the game.

They studied 2 separate groups: One group was asked to play an action game, another group was asked to play controlled, puzzle games.

Each player played their game for 8 hours a week for around 12 weeks. Researchers found that after the participants underwent cognitive testing, “individuals playing action videos increased their cognition more than those playing control games with the difference in cognitive abilities between these two training groups being of one-third of a standard deviation.”

These studies simply reiterate the importance of gaming for our brain function, especially for increasing the brain’s plasticity.


No matter what type of game you choose to play, it will involve some risk, skill, and brain power.

Luckily, those who play online games for extended periods of time can rest assured knowing their brain functions more effectively than those of non-gamers.

Gamers’ ability to make decisions and show increased mental abilities can assist them in real-life scenarios. Not all games are bad; some can improve our brain health without us even realizing it.

If you find yourself playing online casino games, don’t fret, remember that not only are you having fun but you’re doing it to boost brain power!