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Winter Glamour: Styling Velvet Dresses for Cold Seasons in Pakistan

Winters in Pakistan is a silent maestro that spellbounds everything around it with an icy symphony of elegance and enchantment. It is a kaleidoscope of charming experiences that range from promising street food such as soups and fish to inevitable fashion such as gorgeous velvet dresses in Pakistan. Like the winter cuisine, the Pakistani winter season has an unparalleled aura of winter dresses. The temperature in the country demands cozy and warm clothes from October to February. Multiple layering of warm winter dresses and soups tackle cold evenings.

Amidst other types of fabrics, velvet dresses in Pakistan form the most suitable choice to wear. Velvet dresses exude a royal and luxurious sense of fashion giving warmth and comfort as plus points. Top clothing stores in Pakistan offer exclusive discounts on velvet dresses in Pakistan due to the high demand and comfort of these outfits. Velvet not only looks pretty and adorable but also gives a sleek shiny look to the entire outfit. It instantly imparts that desired clean girl look.

Moreover, it is easier to style and its natural luster makes us free of adding too many accessories to it. You can wear it on casual and formal occasions. In addition to this, it is the best choice to wear on breezy evenings in winter for a special dinner or at winter weddings. You can style it into unique designs that include both Eastern and Western styles. 

Here are some of the most useful styling tips for velvet dresses in Pakistan. These tips will give your plain velvet dresses a quick boost of fashion. 

  • Select rich jewel hues

The charm of wearing rich jewel tones can never be beaten by any other colors in velvet fabric. For instance, wine red, emerald green, royal blue, rich purple, and deep maroon are dazzling tones that land the perfect finish for velvet dresses in Pakistan. These tones impart grace to the overall design of your velvet outfits and are easily accessible at the top clothing stores in Pakistan. In addition to that, these colors also complement the winter atmosphere and are best to wear at night functions or even on sunny days. Pair these colors with matching stone rings to slay. 

  • Focus on designs

Styling your velvet dresses in Pakistan becomes way easier if your dress is made of premium quality fabric and has a neat design. Before you buy your velvet outfits, check out the designs on the top clothing stores in Pakistan to get in touch with the latest updates in designs. Always go for the cuts that suit you instead of going for random designs that fascinate you. Some of the popular velvet dresses in Pakistan are embroidered velvet kurtas, Velvet maxis, traditional Pakistani velvet dresses, short frocks, and velvet gowns. 

Velvet sarees are a good choice to wear at dressy events such as wedding functions. Moreover, you can also add some cultural velvet dresses in Pakistan to your closet to bring some variety. These dresses incorporate the traditional Sindhi, Balochi, and Pakhtun embroidery showcasing the cultural delights of these regions in the country. Style your velvet dresses with minimalistic embroidery as the fabric is already shiny and luxurious. Long embroidered sleeves, Boat necks with intricate lacework, and embellished hemlines are in fashion these days. Don’t opt for too much embroidery for formal events.

The key to styling velvet dresses in Pakistan is to keep them simple and decent. Besides embroidery, you can try out the mirror work on your velvet kurtas. Pair your velvet dresses with full-length luxury velvet shawls and make your presence unforgettable wherever you wear them. Check out the top clothing stores in Pakistan for the updated versions of velvet dresses in Pakistan. These stores offer quality and style at affordable prices and they save you a lot of time and energy as well.

  • Smart Layering

Winters can never be spent without multiple layers of dressing to keep you safe from cold and harsh weather conditions. Layer your dresses smartly in a way that you don’t hide the natural grace of your velvet dresses in Pakistan. Select some pretty ponchos and shrugs to layer on your velvet dresses. Velvet shawls are a cozy and stylish option. Besides that faux fur jackets and stoles are the best match with velvet dresses. You can order your matching jackets and shrugs at the Top clothing stores in Pakistan at budget-friendly prices. Don’t forget to add a pair of velvet gloves to your velvet collection.

  • Pair with stylish shoes

Shoes play the most significant part in their accessories. If you are wearing a trendy western velvet top with jeans or stylish trousers, pair them with sneakers or joggers. With skinny jeans and a stylish velvet short frock, get a pair of long shoes. Moreover, you can wear heels, court shoes, and plain shoes with other Eastern dresses. Black and golden heels are the best match with velvet sarees. Another amazing choice to style your velvet dresses in Pakistan is traditional Pakistani footwear i.e. Khussa Shoes. Find the latest velvet khussa shoes at the Top clothing stores in Pakistan such as La Mosaik. They present a wide variety of plain, embroidered, and embellished velvet khussa shoes from the most reputed khussa brands in Pakistan such as OMY and Saheliyan. 

  • Accessories with statement jewelry

Lastly, don’t forget to add some minimalistic pieces of statement jewelry to your overall look. Before selecting suitable jewelry designs, keep in mind that velvet dresses in Pakistan are already stylish and embroidered nicely so they don’t need too much jewelry or heavy jewelry. Select simple and decent stone jewelry that matches the color of your velvet dresses. For instance, you can add a statement necklace and a bracelet or a pair of studs and trendy rings.

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Velvet dresses in Pakistan are undoubtedly the king of fashion in the winter season. They are easy to style with perfect color combos, statement jewelry, the correct choice of shoes, smart layering, and hypnotizing designs. You can shop your favorite velvet dresses at the top clothing stores in Pakistan.