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WordPress Wise Chat Pro Plugin Review

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Building social networks from the ground up involves a lot of work. You have to develop your own niche, create content relevant for your audience, and optimize for whatever marketing medium you choose. Wise Chat Pro makes this task infinitely easier. It saves you the hassle of tracking down and implementing what all other chat plugins give you: integrated chat rooms.

In return, it gives you all the features that are designed specifically to increase engagement on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram: responsive design, in-built analytics tools etc.

According to most evaluative reviews, the plugin is a useful and lightweight social media chat plugin for WordPress. You can add the Wise Chat Pro widget to your site’s sidebar, footer or any place else you choose on your website. Check out this chat site which is powered by Wise Chat Pro.  

It is packed with features that are very easy to use and configurable according to your preferences. The plugin also enables you to control how many posts are displayed in the widget at a given time, which indicates that you have enough control over what kind of content should be posted in the chat rooms, it also has a pretty impressive design and neat layout which makes it more appealing and easier for users to use.

Wise Chat Pro installation

Writing access to your website is a privilege that should be granted with great caution. Fortunately, Wise Chat Pro has a solution for this issue, too. First of all, if you decide to use the WordPress plugin instead of the standalone application, then you don’t have to worry about updating and installing it every now and then. 

The social network application updates and installs itself automatically. It also supports HTTPS protocol which indicates that it is a secure plugin. Another advantage of using Wise Chat Pro through the WordPress platform is that it can be installed in a matter of minutes.

Installation doesn’t require any special coding skills or any kind of special access, nor you need to upload any special files. To get started, all you need to do is:

1. Use WordPress’ built-in tool – “Add New”
2. Add the Wise Chat Pro plugin to the site by going to ADD NEW section and search for it
3. Select the plugin and click on INSTALL NOW. You can do this in a few seconds.

This is how easy it is to install the Wise Chat Pro WordPress plugin on your website. What is essential during Wise Chat Pro installation is that you have an active WordPress account with your website address and that you have access to your hosting Control Panel. 

Also, don’t forget to hit the INSTALL button after adding the plugin from the WordPress website. All of these are necessary to ensure successful installation of the application. After installation is complete, you will see a new Wise Chat Pro menu in your Dashboard. This menu is located above all other Dashboard menus and has a special color theme which indicates that it belongs to Wise Chat Pro (green).

Wise Chat Pro Features

Most customer reviews touched on the Private Messages feature. This allows users to send messages directly to each other and view exactly which messages they want to see. Users can also delete sent messages according to their own discretion. Unlike other chat applications, Wise Chat Pro provides users with an option of either permanently or temporarily deleting their message in case they regret sending it or don’t want it to be viewed by certain people.

The second most highlighted feature is the ability for Wise Chat Pro users to invite their friends via email or social media. The chat application can integrate with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram accounts so that users will be able to invite all of their friends instead of a limited number in case that is what they need for their specific chat rooms. Creating BuddyPress groups integration is also very easy and fast. The application has an option to create a special landing page that you can use to advertise your business or any other area of your online presence.

WordPress Wise Chat Pro Plugin comes with a responsive design which makes the application compatible with mobile devices. Mobile users can easily see their friends’ statuses, messages and other information posted in the chat room of the website.

Generally, the social chat room plugin has been positively received by most of its users. The application is easy to use, and it is ideal for businesses that create their chat rooms for social media networks.

In other words, Wise Chat Pro can help you build your own social network in a very short period of time. Another advantage of this application is that it offers two installation options: standalone software or plugin for WordPress. Given that most people often prefer to be able to use their plugins directly from the platform where they are creating content, the Wise Chat Pro plugin has become the standard choice of many people opting for WordPress website design.