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Work from Home Gadgets You Need in 2022

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The pandemic of Covid-19 during the last three years brought a shocking change to the work culture around the world. Working from home is the new normal, and it seems like there is no going back from here. So, as we get adjusted to working remotely, people are actively looking for ways to make this remote routine more productive and easier.

One of the biggest challenges of remote work is setting up an office in the home equipped with the right tools to get your work done. Of course, the main tech essentials such as reliable internet and a laptop are needed to work remotely, but you can also use a monitor for a bigger screen and a better experience.

On that note, we have compiled a list of various tech gadgets you need in 2022 to make work from home as comfy and fun for you as possible. So, let’s get started:

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Multiport Adapter

These days, most laptops are lightweight, thin, and easy to carry around, but they lack different elements like the number and types of ports. Connecting multiple devices to your desktop or laptop like USB, flash drive, or charger is impossible given the limited number of built-in ports. Multiport adapters can help you in this scenario and can also free up space in your workplace.

These little gadgets allow you to connect multiple devices to your desktop or laptop simultaneously. So if you have hired a Revature software engineer working from home, they can use a multiport adapter to boost productivity. Various adapters are available in the market, depending upon the size and type of port. Some adapters can be more valuable to you based on what specific devices you want to plug in.

Wireless Mouse

These mouse types can greatly benefit the workforce and increase productivity by 20%. A wireless mouse eliminates extra cords, and in this way, you get another USB port free to connect to other devices. It can also be used with devices like tablets, and it takes less space in your workplace and luggage, making it convenient for travelers.

Another benefit of a wireless mouse is its ergonomic design. This design can make things faster and easier to do and prevent injuries due to repetitive use, such as tendonitis and arthritis. You can easily find different types of wireless mouse for under 25$.

Laptop Stand

If you don’t have a dedicated workplace or table at your home, you can get a laptop stand which is pretty self-explanatory. It is tilted at a specific angle, helping you to manage space efficiently, and also provides cooling to your laptop. If your laptop is not elevated or tilted, it is not at eye level, forcing you to look down for hours and ultimately leading to back and neck strain. A laptop stands perfectly, places your laptop at eye level, and prevents you from such disorders.

Wireless Earbuds

We all know how it feels when pulling a tangled mess of earphone cords out of our bag or pocket. These cables magically tangle themselves in a short time, and it can be irritating. So why don’t you try wireless earbuds? The popularity of wireless earbuds has exploded in past years, and multiple brands like JBL, Audionic, Apple, and Samsung are releasing their wireless earbuds. You can find super affordable wireless earbuds for under 25$.

Wireless Phone Charger

Multiple charging chords hanging around the table are super annoying for everyone, and that is a fact. Chargers for laptops and mobiles, headphones, and flash drives have wires that are often spread out on your work desk or the floor. But don’t worry; there is a solution. A wireless phone charger frees you from the constraints of charging cables, and you can simply lay your phone on the wireless charger to recharge it. Wireless phone charging is available in new phones, but manufacturers are moving to provide wireless charging features.

Small Vacuum Cleaners

In an office-based job, all buildings have a cleaning crew that takes care of each suite in the building. But if you work from home, you are responsible for keeping your workplace and desk clean. For this purpose, USB-powered vacuum cleaners are available on the market to clean any dust, debris, or pet hair, even in the smallest nooks and crannies of your desk.

Wi-Fi Range Extender

A Wi-Fi range extender works like the main Wi-Fi router, except it is connected to a broadband connection and boosts its range. If the range of your Wi-Fi is small and your house has any Wi-Fi dead points, a Wi-Fi range extender is made for you. However, remember that a Wi-Fi range extender does not boost Wi-Fi signals; it just extends its coverage in a specific area. One router and one extender are enough to cover small houses or flats; you can add more for larger homes or buildings.

Mini Humidifier

Many people experience cold and dry air during winters that can cause a painful, scratchy throat. To prevent such issues, you can buy a mini humidifier that keeps the air moist for up to 5 hours and allows you to stay comfortable during work. You can plug the wire into an adapter to charge it easily.


While gadgets are not a necessity, it would be unfair to say they are a luxury today. Technological advancements have made our life easier, and as we have moved to work remotely, it would be safe to say that making it easy and fun for ourselves should be a priority. So, if you have the means, spend on some of these tech gadgets and make your home office a more comfortable space for yourself.