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Would I Recommend Authors On Mission for Writing and Publishing Your Book? My Review

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As a business coach and consultant launching my own practice, establishing myself as an author posed powerful branding potential. I dreamed of publishing to better attract clients. But as a non-writer, I lacked time or skills to write a book myself.

When I discovered Authors On Mission and their done-for-you publishing solutions, I finally saw a path to making my authorship aspirations achievable.

After now having gone through their full suite of services – ghostwriting, editing/proofing, custom design, and hands-off publishing – would I suggest new author hopefuls like me work with Authors On Mission to publish their book?

Below I’ll overview key pros and cons from my experience using AOM’s hybrid writing paired with their publishing assistance to offer my candid recommendation.

The Good – Reasons To Strongly Consider Authors On Mission

While no service is ever perfect, my publishing journey with Authors On Mission went extremely smoothly and exceeded my high expectations. Their team made the entire complex process simple and even fun rather than the intimidating uphill struggle tackling solo that held me back for years.

Here were the key benefits I gained partnering with them worth highlighting:

1. Ghostwriting That Felt Natural

My assigned writer, Sara, innately grasped my coaching perspectives from our initial call, ensuring collaborative writing sessions felt conversational as I articulated concepts. 

Sessions never felt like interrogations but rather composing thoughts with an attuned advisor directing the storyline and tone.

Sara captured ME within the writing style and content better than I could have. This saved monumental amounts of time vs struggling writing myself.

2. Weight Lifted With Done-For-You Approach

What appealed about AOM’s services was the ability to outsource the complicated facets of book writing and production where I lacked skills. Their teams handled the project management, publishing logistics, distribution, quality assurance.

All I did was verify writing drafts reflected my vision. The availability and reliability provided through their done-for-you model minimized enormous stress I’d have faced figuring foreign publishing terrain solo.

3. Prestigious Credibility Supporting Business Goals

While a costly investment, my book has already led to 3 high-fee coaching consultations thanks to boosted authority. The external validation from having published work under my belt builds immense confidence prospective clients have in my capabilities that I couldn’t achieve otherwise as an unknown expert.

For the business development gains I eyed seeking author status to begin with, AOM delivered value recouping costs through elevated professional equity I now hold in my niche.

The Not So Good – Aspects To Weigh Mindfully

While mostly glowing commentary about superb assistance received through Authors On Mission, no service delivers perfectly across the board. As an informed consumer, be aware of two particular considerations:

1. Premium Pricing

There’s no skirting around the fact AOM offers higher-end packages given elite caliber writing talent and production teams involved. Their hybrid writing model requires compensation for expert time. So any author with extremely tight budgets may struggle affording.

But candidly, you get what you pay for. The cost matched quality excellence along each milestone. Still, confirm budgets earlier when exploring working together.

2. Time Commitment Tradeoff

One misperception to avoid is seeing ghostwriting as a fully passive process after signing up. Collaborating still demands dedicating focused hours for calls and draft reviews to steer direction. Without author involvement actively shaping content, manuscripts risk falling flat missing core essence you hope to share.

As long as you can commit consistent hours directing writing rather than disappearing post-order, AOM’s hybrid approach fuses your ideas with professional authorship smoothly.

The Verdict – Wholeheartedly Recommended For Ambitious Authors

For anyone feeling pulled to author status but lacks innate writing capacities to compose full manuscripts solo, I enthusiastically endorse Authors On Mission and their done-for-you publishing solutions to turn your constitutional ideas into beautifully realized books.

They eliminated overwhelming publishing hurdles standing between my expertise and attracting clients through perceived industry authority only achieved through book ownership.

The costs incurred felt like an invaluable business investment given the credibility shift almost instantly received once my book posted on Amazon thanks to AOM’s premium execution.

If you have intentions around developing personal intellectual property (IP) that spotlights your wisdom, would love leveraging author title to open professional doors but feel overwhelmed tackling such a mammoth undertake solo – put confident trust in Authors On Mission’s world-class author services guiding you start-to-finish.

While financial budgets need consideration given their tailored partnership model, for what meaningful visibility and branding gains strong writing and publishing facilitation unlocks, working with Authors On Mission delivers immense dividends I’d wholehearted be willing to invest in again and again to publish more niche book titles over time as audience demand proves out.