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XFL to Focus on Pace of Play in 2020

It is nearing D-Day for XFL version 2.0 as the season kicks off on February 8th. Eight teams will begin the season as the XFL attempts to make spring football a success. It will be the fifth major attempt for a spring football league after previous failures by the USFL, AAF, WFL, and the XFL’s original incarnation. Football fans can follow all of the XFL’s spring gridiron action and use the latest William Hill promo code 2019 to wager on all of the hard-hitting games this season.

This time around, it appears a lot more has gone into the XFL’s planning as knowledgeable football minds have been a part of the league’s development. In 2001, the league was organized by owner Vince McMahon’s pro wrestling cronies who had no idea how to run a football league. Now, things are different and success could be around the corner for the revamped league. One of the ways the XFL could be successful is by speeding up the game.

Achievable goals

The original XFL simply wanted to throw a spanner in the NFL’s wheels. There was no plan to change football nor were there goals set out that the league wanted to/could achieve. XFL version 1.0 felt like a league that was haphazardly put together and thrown out on the field. In the end, the league died as quickly as it arrived. The XFL season begins in February and football fans do not have to go all spring without gridiron action. Fans can use the BetMGM codes codes to wager on the games every weekend and bet on the teams they believe will win on the field.

XFL version 2.0 has goals and the league hopes to change the way people watch football. In addition, the alterations may change the way the game is played.

One of the biggest changes the XFLXFLXFL wants to bring to pro football is the speed of games. The league is expected to unveil a clock that continues to roll for much of the game and make it more similar to top-level soccer in the way the time ticks by. The simple clock change could revolutionize the sport.

Faster football

The pace of play is will also be addressed by the XFL eliminating the downtime that occurs during games. The average NFL game lasts nearly four hours with only 11 minutes of that being actual action. There are also around 100 commercials due to the various breaks taken by TV networks.

Of all the possible changes the XFL wants to make, the pace of play and speed in which a game takes are the most important. With so many entertainment options in 2020, the XFL can be relevant by providing a quicker game that lasts under three hours.

Using soccer as an example, a game rarely lasts over two hours due to the continuous clock and no timeouts being taken. This means games last ninety minutes with a 15-minute halftime.

If the XFL can pull off a quicker game, fans will appreciate it. The NFL will be taking note of the faster game and could adopt pace of play rules. But the No Fun League loves its commercials and the financial backing it gets from sponsors. Whether the NFL adopts the same pace of play will be anyone’s guess.