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You Are Not Alone: Adam Elmasri Heals the Heartbroken with His Digital Content

“YouTube is becoming much more than an entertainment destination.”

– Chad Hurley – An American Webmaster

Around 50 million digital content creators are fighting for an online audience, success, and loyal followers. Numerous content creators have left their jobs, family, and friends to develop booming digital profiles. Content creation consumes a large chunk of their time, but mere efforts are never enough for the targeted success.

No one can really predict how long it takes to become a successful content creator. Perhaps it is tricky to even define success when it comes to content creation on any digital platform. For some influencers, hitting the mark of 100M subscribers is a success, while some don’t even care about it. Some creators have millions of views on their first videos, while for some, it takes years. In short, content creation is unpredictable and a complete paradox. In the chaos of maximum followers and views, Adam Elmasri is a Youtuber far from this mayhem and race. His sole reason for running a YouTube channel is to help others and uplift them personally and professionally. 

Elmasri is an Australian-Egyptian YouTuber, life coach, human rights activist, author, and religious critic. Elmasri is acclaimed and known for his religious views on women’s rights in the Middle East. He strongly supports the LGBTQ+ community and is vocal about their rights.

But from where does Elmasri draw his thought process? After completing his studies, he realized a lack of religious studies on spirituality in Arabic media. To bridge this gap, in 2017, Elmasri launched his YouTube channel and created heaps of videos that gained over thirteen million views and 108k subscribers. The focal point of all his videos is empathy and love for humanity while featuring videos on human rights, religious study, critical thinking, and much more. All the content is available on his YouTube channel. Elmasri has a devoted fan following worldwide, especially from the Middle East, Egypt, and Europe. 

Elmasri also has another YouTube channel where he effectively hooks the online audience via YouTube “Lives” and exciting interviews with other video creators. In 2022, Elmasri launched his third YouTube channel, Adam Elmasri English Channel.

From his YouTube channels and cathartic content on various layered and complex issues, Elmasri earned great admiration and homage. His ability to reflect on such topics is praiseworthy and vibrantly resonated with his audience, too, and can be vouched by the comments and feedback on his channel. 

“Adam’s YouTube videos are truly inspiring. He has an amazing way of looking at religious scriptures and the Quran and challenging them in an academically insightful way. His videos have helped me to think beyond the grip of religious dogma and live a life with more freedom. Life changing with all the meaning it carries.” – Marwa- Qatar.

“Adam is an original thinker who has a unique ability to challenge the status quo and stand up for those who don’t have a voice. His YouTube videos are inspiring and thought-provoking, and I’ve learned so much from watching them. He is truly an incredible human being, and I’m proud to call him my friend.” – Hany – Australia.

Born and raised in an Orthodox Coptic Christian family, Elmasri would indulge in deep intellectual and religious conversations in his locality in Egypt and Australia. He would gain knowledge through books and group discussions with his Muslim friends to understand different religions better. Elmasri completed his undergraduate degree in Cairo, followed by a Bachelor of Arts degree from a reputable Australian university in Ancient Literature, Biblical Studies, and Textual Criticism in his late 30s. The primary focus of his studies was the New Testament of the Judeo-Christian scriptures. He has also completed a course for suicide prevention with the Salvation Army, earning the title of Gate Keeper. 


In February 2022, Elmasri authored a book titled How Did Christianity Begin.. REALLY? which was published in Arabic. His book presents a momentous historical analysis of the emergence of Christianity and the formation of its sacred textbook, the New Testament. Within a few days of its release, his book ranked 18 out of 100 in the “History in Arabic” category on the Amazon Kindle platform. Currently, Elmasri is working on his second book in English. 

Conclusively digital content creation is not everyone’s cup of tea, as it requires great creativity, patience, and hard work. In today’s anarchic atmosphere, compassionate content creators like Adam Elmasri are imperative who don’t indulge themselves in competition but serve their creativity and energy to help people in need. Elmasri possesses a remarkable blend of empathy, expertise, and motivational prowess and constantly empowers others.