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Your Current Login Setup is Driving Users Away!

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Think about it! Your existing login and signup processes might be the cause of all your problems. Have no fear, SAWO is here to solve all your worries! But before that, let’s have a look at the current login processes.

Passwords and OTPs

Majority of the websites today require email or contact information along with passwords to authenticate the user to protect each user’s personal information. But do you realize that an average individual now has to keep track of a huge number of passwords, much higher than it was five years ago! 

Now, this is where the problem arises. The most common types of cybercrime are stolen passwords and password leaking. With the rise in internet usage, it’s more important than ever to protect each user’s personal information. The main problem with passwords is making them one-of-a-kind. With a plethora of websites comes a plethora of passwords. Remembering zillions of passwords is such a headache in today’s fast-paced world!

One-time passwords (OTPs) allow the users to login to a system using a unique character string. They are safer compared to static passwords. However, OTPs aren’t always reliable and can be phished by attackers. Disruptions in SMS services and connectivity issues can cause a delay in delivery of the OTP. This can put off the users, causing them to discontinue your services. Additionally, the process of OTP generation can be quite cumbersome.

Consider this hypothetical situation: You can’t remember your password during a big sale. Imagine your frustration if you do not receive an OTP to complete the transaction! This is an issue we overlook during multiple occasions.

Data Breaches

In July of 2020, Twitter came under cyber attack through a phone spear-phishing attack. The attackers utilized the credentials and other authentication information of employees with access to tools. They targeted 130 Twitter accounts, tweeting from 45 of them, gaining access to 36 of their direct messages inboxes, and getting Twitter data from seven of them.

The attackers used unique employee credentials to gain access to internal systems and learn about operations. They were able to target other employees who did have access to the Twitter account management tools using this information. This is just one of many data breaches that have happened in the recent past. 

Illegal hackers find a way to acquire unauthorized access to sensitive information whenever a new authentication method is released. With technological improvements come a plethora of identity and access management risks and software vulnerabilities, which have become a mammoth undertaking to address. As a result, a secure login & authentication solution is in demand!

Switch to SAWO Passwordless Login

Secure Authentication Without OTP (SAWO) is a breakthrough technology that is expected to play a big role in future authentication due to its simplicity, security, and cost-effectiveness.

This login solution only requires users to sign up with their email ID or phone number, and the system takes care of the authentication. No passwords or OTPs are involved in this entire workflow. As a result, authenticating users is quick and cost-effective. The entire authentication process is completed in 0.06 seconds, making it one of the fastest authentication methods available today. 

With SAWO’s login API, your customers will have a seamless and hassle-free user experience. Additionally, the bounce rates on your website will massively improve. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved! 

If you would like to know more about SAWO and its security model, please feel free to connect with our experts. Try SAWO, and get 5000 free authentications right away!