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Your Digital Experience to the Next Level with Orienta United Agency OÜ!

Founded by Cristian Carmona, Orienta United Agency OÜ is a company that provides customised artificial intelligence-based software technologies to drive the growth and expansion of small and large businesses globally. Headquartered in Estonia, one of the countries with the highest use of digital technologies, Orienta United Agency OÜ combines business intelligence, technological expertise and a team of skilled experts to create products and services that can truly bring value to businesses.

How does Orienta United Agency OÜ work?

  • Discovery Phase

Orienta United Agency’s working methodology starts by gathering the requirements of each client to define the product or service specifications, then establishing deadlines and setting expectations and obligations for each party to create a roadmap that can be sustainable and achievable.

  • Development

It provides all the necessary elements to execute the solution creation process and thus obtain an ultimate optimisation to develop tools that can really bring value to people and thus drive ideas and projects forward.

  • Product launch

The last step is customer approval to create a fast track between Orienta United Agency support and the customer to be guided through various phases and processes in which they can start from a strategic point and carry through the development to complete the whole process.

What tools can Orienta United Agency OÜ offer?

Nothing is more important when it comes to promoting your business idea or technological project than having the right tools to achieve it, Orienta United Agency offers you everything you need to gain an advantage over your competitors and lead the sector in which you find yourself; here are some of the most important tools that this disruptive technology company can develop.

Website development

Their goal is to build a solid foundation on the internet due to the massive amount of people using it to get products and services in the modern world which continues to offer growth opportunities to all disruptive companies that are positioning itself every day by making its brands visible to the whole world.

Application development

It provides a fast track between customers and businesses as mobile applications nowadays simplify a lot of processes and offer a much more pleasant experience for everyone. This creates effective communication that allows procedures to be carried out through a single channel and address customer needs accurately.

Machine learning

We can also call it artificial intelligence and it works by analysing data and executing tasks in a repetitive way to automate the construction of analytical models with the idea that systems can be fed with large amounts of data and patterns to make decisions automatically taking into account the infinite number of variants that may arise; for example when simplifying the interaction of a company with its customers.

Big Data

It works by analysing and collecting large amounts of data in the areas of interest to companies as the system is endowed with a processing capacity superior to that of human beings and is able to mould patterns of behaviour to provide benchmarks for companies to indicate the best future strategies to save search time and provide a competitive advantage over their competitors.


It is presented as a disruptive technology based on a decentralised chain composed of several nodes within a network that allows having an exact copy of the data in thousands of servers worldwide. Blockchain is a fusion between anonymity and transparency as it protects your real identity while allowing you to visualise live all the transactions that are being carried out on the network.

UX / UI design

Orienta United Agency apart from delivering results does not neglect the visual side and the user experience as this is what makes brands and different platforms and websites attractive to improve the way products and services are offered in today’s world.

Created to boost your digital growth!

With an experienced team of engineers, developers and all kinds of digital experts Orienta United Agency OÜ aims to bring the latest digital technologies to people to boost their business ideas and projects in many sectors to improve processes and offer significant simplification through the development and implementation of all the tools Orienta United Agency puts at your disposal.

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