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Your Guide to Understanding 2021’s New Rules on the Horse Races

If you are a horse racing fan, we’re sure you are excited and can’t wait for 2021’s horse racing activities to start. Let’s not forget that we still have a virus on the loose. With that in mind, there isn’t a single doubt that the horse racing organizers will be running this year’s show with safety at the top of the list of priorities. 

Since there isn’t a global body that controls horse racing activities, rules will likely be slightly different from one racecourse to another. But altogether, here’s your guide to understanding 2021’s new rules on the horse races.

Rules on masks.

2021 will likely welcome all visitors, from horse racing lovers to the press, and of course, sports betting fans. So, expect strict compliance on mask-wearing with a few exceptions with kids under age two and conditions where wearing masks is impractical. 

For example, eating on the premises, drinking, or receiving any services require taking masks off. Spectators who refuse for no just reason will likely be denied entry or thrown out. Racecourse employees aren’t left out too except when staff is alone in their office.

Spectators & Riders may be fewer.

While spectators will likely be entering racecourses, there will also be strict rules to maintain social distancing. Therefore, racecourse organizers will limit the number of people so that it’s possible to maintain the six feet apart rule. 

The restriction will also be in places like restrooms. So if you want to ease yourself, you might need to wait a lot longer as the number of people allowed in an enclosed place at once will now be lesser than usual. 

Furthermore, the social distancing rules may apply to the tracks as jockeys and their horses too. There will be either spaces-out arrangements to ensure riders are not too close. 

Use of whips

This year’s horse racing event may likely witness some new rules with the use of whips on horses. A universal ban is being looked into, though that cannot happen at once. Currently, there are no universal penalties, standard whip design. While whips are safety tools for the riders or jockeys, still IFHA has the following guidelines.

  • Jockeys should not use the whip to the extent of causing injury
  • No excessive force 
  • No excessive frequency.
  • No whipping around the head.
  • No whipping when the Horse has clearly lost or crossed the finish line.

Some countries have specific rules, such as Australia; jockeys can strike their horse five times up to the 100-meter mark but no backhand stroke limitation. The UK allows 7-8 strikes throughout a short race including jump races, while France says eight strikes at the final race phase. The United States allows jockey to use their discretion as there is no specific whip rule.

Reduced prize money.

With a lesser crowd to buy tickets, revenue will undoubtedly be reduced. Also, many horse racing lovers and sport betting fans may decide to stay at home and catch the activities and bet through the screen. Even so, you may still need help picking the itv7 tips. All of these put together may also affect the prize money.