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Your Only Guide To Scale Your Business On YouTube

“The best thing about YouTube is anyone can do it, and that’s exactly what I did.”
– DanTDM (British YouTuber)

Did you know that 72% of customers would prefer learning about a business through videos rather than texts or infographics? The most important key to a successful business is to give your customers what they want.

Remember, they are already looking for you on YouTube. Your target audience is spending several minutes a day watching videos. 76% of people are more likely to make an online purchase after watching a video.

Why YouTube?

How would you like to try and reach an audience of 2 billion+ subscribers? Sounds interesting? That’s why you should pick YouTube. YouTube can help you scale your business in four ways:

● Marketing
● Brand building
● Better ROI
● Customer Acquisition

Ways to Scale Your Business on YouTube

Tap into the power of YouTube to scale your business. Here is a guide to be successful on YouTube:

1. Study Your Analytics Data

This is the most important thing to do, and often, the most ignored. Analytics data is a treasure trove of information. You’ll know who your target audience is and what kind of videos you need to create.

Get all the insights you can before you move further.

2. Focus on Creating Great Content

You have heard this enough – “Content is king.” And that’s true. Once you know who your target audience is, think about what they would want to see.

Try and make your content –

● Funny
● Quirky
● Unique
● Educational
● Informative
● Fascinating
● Emotional

3. Make a Strategy for YouTube

First, set a goal. What do you mean when you say you want to scale your business on YouTube? Do you want to:

● Get more sales?
● Improve brand awareness?
● Acquire new customers?
● Get more online traffic to your website or app?

Once you pick a goal (remember to pick one at a time), brainstorm about what kind of videos would do well. If you want more sales, should you get a known face to talk about your products?

If you want to acquire new customers, should you try and offer discounts by creating an ad? Once you have decided on the kind of videos you want, decide on the uploading frequency.

Assign duties to your team. Get someone to write descriptions, someone to upload, someone to edit the video, etc.

4. Create Good Video Intros

The first few seconds of your videos should be attractive to ensure that your viewers watch the entire video. Use a YouTube intro maker software to get it right. Use vibrant colors in your intros.

5. Launch a Product or Service

A product or service launch creates a lot of buzz. People always want to hear something new. Organize a launch on YouTube. This will help you get more subscribers. You could also buy YouTube subscribers from different vendors that are available in the market.

6. Create Testimonial Videos

Who do people trust the most? Other people. This is why testimonial videos are important. Create a compilation of videos wherein your customers are saying how your product or service helped them.

When people watch this, they will trust your brand more, and the probability of them giving you business will increase.

7. Offer Related Tutorials or How-to Videos

Let’s say you have a business that deals in mangoes. So make a recipe video for mango souffle or mango cake. If you aren’t a company, say you are a traveler who wants to earn from YouTube, make a video about “things to do.”

How-to videos are one of the most popular videos on YouTube. Try to be unique while making these videos to get more traction.

8. Monetize

This is something you must do as soon as your YouTube channel gets 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours. You can then start displaying ads in your videos. It’s a great way to make money online.

9. Don’t Forget SEO

It’s all videos. How will SEO help? The curious may ask. Use the best SEO practices for the video title and description. Conduct keyword research on Google, and you’ll be able to increase discoverability.

Also, choose the right tags for your video.

10. Use YouTube Ads

Invest in promoting your business by paying for YouTube ads. YouTube is considered to be the best marketing platform by 8 out of 10 marketers. It’s the new-age billboard.

Use an ad maker or a promo movie maker tool for this.

11. Be Consistent

Many YouTube influencers have practiced this and become successful. Set a timeline for your videos. Upload them every week, if possible. Be consistent, and you’ll get more views. Keep them coming.

12. Collaborate With Influencers or Other YouTubers

The best part about collaborations is both of you can reach each other’s subscribers. It’s a win-win. If you can get an influencer on board, there is no better idea to scale your business on YouTube than that.

13. Go Live

Who is the brain behind your business? Let the person talk live. Give some lessons to start a business, tell them what you do, invite questions. Keep doing this every week or every 10 days, and you’ll see growth.

14. Include a “Call-to-Action”

Direct the viewers to your website or an app download page or a product by including a “call-to-action” in your video. You can also ask them to subscribe to the channel or leave a comment.

15. Engage With Others

Leave a comment or like the videos from other YouTubers who have similar videos. This also helps in acquiring new subscribers.

16. Share on Other Platforms

Don’t ignore other social media channels. Share a short teaser of your video, linking back to the full video on YouTube. This will also get you more views.

Go Scale!

Using an AI-powered video editing software like InVideo will allow you to create professional videos without having any technical expertise. What your videos look like is important as they leave an impression.

You can also use any movie maker. Using video editing tools, you can create impressive videos without spending a lot of time or money. After all, marketers who use video grow 49% faster than those who don’t.

With this guide, you will be able to scale your business on YouTube in this digital era. Godspeed!