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YouTube Originals Announces Learning Series ‘Light Speed’

Six Episodes Ordered

YouTube Originals has greenlit six-part learning series “Light Speed,” hosted by Dr. Derek Muller, in partnership with science brand Seeker, which will follow a group of students, engineers and the heroes of green tech and motorsport as they push the boundaries of what solar car racing can do at the World Solar Challenge. This new series will premiere globally on the Seeker YouTube Channel on December 7.

The logline: Every two years the World Solar Challenge draws the greatest young minds from around the world to the Australian outback. YouTube and Seeker will put viewers in the driver’s seat to not only race fast cars – powered only by the energy of the sun – across one of the most unique and uninhabited landscapes on earth, but to also learn about the engineering and science behind the cars themselves. Along the way, well-known science communicator Derek Muller (Veritasium) will introduce us to the students, engineers, and heroes at the crossroads of green tech and motorsport as they push us closer to becoming a carbon-neutral society.