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10 Best Money Making Apps Available for Free

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Regardless of how high or low their monthly salary is, most people are in need of extra money. Yet, due to a full-time job, finding a side gig may be quite challenging. Thus, we offer you to try earning in your smartphone ― at any free minute you’ve got. Choose from the mobile income opportunities below.

  1. Swagbucks. You can get virtual bucks by playing games, browsing specified pages, viewing videos, or completing surveys and, afterward, exchange them for real ones via PayPal.
  2. eToro. It allows making money on copy trading. That means you are not supposed to trade stocks or foreign currencies yourself, instead you set your account to copy trades performed by other advanced users. So, you do not need to have any profound knowledge in this sphere, you will earn in an automated mode. eToro is one of the most downloaded money making apps of such kind in the USA, if you live in another country ― try RoboForex.
  3. MyPoints. It works similar to Swagbucks, but it is targeted upon users from Europe mainly ― rewards are paid out in euros. Besides actual money, you can benefit from physical prizes and digital ones, like gift cards.
  4. Honeygain. It stands out from other apps in the sense that you don’t really need to do anything in order to earn money. Honeygain works as a crowdsourced web intelligence network that will pay you in exchange for your unused bandwidth. In order to start earning money you only need to download the app and register.
  5. Interactive Brokers. This trading platform is among the leaders in terms of size, trades volume, client base, and reputation. It is a number one choice for those who are interested in investments in stocks. Yet, to be objective, it is more time-consuming than copy trading.
  6. Pinecone Search. It is dedicated exclusively to surveys about products and services. But it stands out from its competitors due to its simple and transparent rewarding system ― you will get $3 per survey.
  7. Ebates. It allows earning up to 12% rebates from purchases. When you need some sort of digital or physical good, just find a suitable store via this app and take advantage of coupons and cashback.
  8. Ibotta. It is another rebate service, which provides cashback on food and groceries purchases. By the way, you can also earn money by inviting your friend to join it.
  9. Dosh. If you want to save on cashback, but do not want to deal with collecting receipts, scanning them, and other related fuss, just install this app and receive your rebates in a fully automated mode.
  10. Dover. In case you enjoy spending time with dogs and need a side gig, this app will help you get in touch with dog owners that search for help with their pets.

In sum, in the list above, we’ve mentioned applications offering passive and active earning opportunities in an extensive range of diversified spheres. Look them through, and you will definitely find at least a few instruments that suit your personal needs.