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Have a Perfect Wedding with Sleeper Bridal Collection 

Sleeper bridal collection of 2022: wedding dresses to amaze and inspire

Are weddings overrated? Not for Sleeper! Definitely, a wedding is an event which requires lots of time and effort while preparing for it. The Sleeper bridal collection is here to help brides-to-be with one of the most difficult tasks: choosing an ideal wedding dress. The Sleeper team is firmly convinced that a perfect wedding is one that is unique in all respects, the dress being one of the most important ones. Uniqueness, luxury and affordability are the things at the very core of the Sleeper bridal collection of 2022. 

Those who have been with Sleeper since the brand’s appearance in 2014, know that the brand has always praised the uniqueness of style. The company started as a walking sleepwear manufacturer; the very first garment lines produced by Sleeper were inspired by the famous movie “Curly Sue”. And besides, isn’t it a reason for the Sleeper team to be happy that nowadays the brand serves as a source of inspiration for many other clothing makers?

Many efforts have been made to refine the 2022 Sleeper wedding collection. This year it includes many items which are most worthy of attention: 

  • Silk dresses 
  • Linen dresses
  • White capes 

Going forward, the Sleeper team hopes that as many ladies as possible will be able to find something for themselves among the latest Sleeper wedding collection stock. Now, would you mind seeing the items of the collection in a more detailed way? Sleeper is always happy to give customers a hand in acquiring what they are dreaming of. 

Sleeper makes choosing a wedding dress pleasant and easy

Many ladies are used to imagining a wedding dress as something classical: a dress that has to be white, with a really long and puffy skirt. However, nowadays fashion welcomes experiments with open arms. 

The Sleeper team is always eager to create a new style or bring modern tones to something traditional. This year the Sleeper bridal collection suggests many wedding outfit variants, from a lurex lounge suit to a white cape

Inevitably, some of the clothing pieces become buyers’ favorites. Which garments are most favored by ladies is never too difficult to find out. To do that it’s enough to look through women’s posts on social networks. While scrolling through the posts of brides being into fashionable decisions, it’s most likely to run into a photo featuring a Sleeper silk dress, for instance. Lots of wedding photos on social networks feature Sleeper bridal outfits and those weddings do look luxurious!

The 2022 Sleeper bridal collection includes some silk dress models. The latter include:

  • Boheme Slip Dress featuring feathers
  • Opera Silk Dress
  • Paloma Silk Dress
  • Atlanta Silk Dress

Let’s provide some considerations on why these models could be worth paying attention to. 

First of all, the variety of designs gives a customer real freedom of choice. Every lady knows for sure what’s better for her and what she wants. You can be both stunning and elegant and emanate Hollywood-Golden-Age vibes in a Boheme Slip Dress. Or maybe shine like a pearl in an Opera Silk Dress? The choice is yours, dear ladies. 

Few materials can prove more comfort against one’s body than silk. Doesn’t the fact speak for itself? 

Each of the silk dresses in the collection has its own unique design with a different kind of inspiration behind it. The Golden Age of Hollywood, some famous movies – the Sleeper team gets inspiration from the best things in history. 

These dresses are unique, some models are available in very limited quantities. If you have fallen in love with some garment, it’s high time you order it or someone else will do it!

Choosing a wedding dress with Sleeper: be beautiful in silk, linen, or whatever else

Besides silk garments, the Sleeper bridal collection includes some linen dress models, white capes, accessories, and shoes. 

What linen dresses are included in the collection’s stock? Well, they are:

  • Michelin linen dress 
  • Opera Linen Dress
  • Atlanta Linen Dress
  • Paloma Linen Dress

Have you noticed that some models are similar in design but different in material? Again, Sleeper is doing its best to provide brides-to-be with freedom of choice. For it’s only the bride alone who will know best what she wants to be dressed in when saying “I do”. 

Linen has its undeniable pros as well. 100% biodegradable, it provides pure comfort and the lightness of wearing. 

How about the Sleeper snow white cape? The garment is designed as an elegant piece of clothing, made of polyester, nylon, and ecovero rayon. Just one size for the model, so be sure to hurry up!

Summing it up on the Sleeper wedding dress collection

To sum it up, the Sleeper bridal collection is meant to help every bride make the wedding ceremony resemble the ones from her brightest dreams. Surely, Sleeper has put a lot of effort into it. Making someone’s wedding ideal proves a little victory and a source of further inspiration for the team.

The number of items is limited, so it’s better to hurry and make up your mind as quickly as possible! Why not pre-order something that you fancy from the stock? Order what fits you most and make the happiest bride at the altar!