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The 10 Best TV Shows of 2016

From sitcoms to dramas to whatever 'Westworld is, the boob tube really outdid itself this year.

From Campaign US: If there is any downside to this era of “Peak TV,” when more scripted series than ever are fighting for our attention, it’s the difficulty in choosing the year’s 10 best. So for 2016 I’m allowing myself the luxury of an honorable mention’s list. Call it lazy, if you want. I call it an embarrassment of riches.

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  1. Good list, Marc. I don’t agree with a couple of your choices (impossible for two people to agree on a full list)….The Middle just has never grabbed my attention. The pilot (I know, years ago) was such a rip-off of Malcolm in the Middle that I think it turned me off of it. As well, I just have never understood the appeal of Survivor. For me, it falls into the category of people doing anything negative – lying, conniving, betraying – just to win money.

    • The reason I included The Middle was how, in my opinion, it has held up so well. Like The Bob Newhart Show before, which was lost in the accolades of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, it was always about Modern Family and never The Middle. But I really think it is worthy.

      As for Survivor, I get sucked in every season and this was another addictive one.

      • I can understand that about The Middle. And it is probably not fair of me to judge it since I only watched a few episodes a few years ago.

        And, the two shows that I would have put on there that you didn’t are Crazy Ex Girlfriend and Grace & Frankie.