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15 Of The Best Squarespace Templates For Bloggers And Beyond

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A visually engaging and user-friendly website is essential in the fast-paced blogging world. Squarespace is a popular website-building platform known for its sleek designs and ease of use. This article will delve into 15 of the best Squarespace templates that will take your blog to the next level. But before we dive into the list, let’s understand what a Squarespace template is.

What is a Squarespace Template?

A Squarespace template is a pre-designed layout that serves as the foundation of your website. It comes with a set structure, design elements, and features that you can customize to match your brand or personal style. Essentially, the blueprint shapes how your content will be displayed and interacted with on your site.

1st Party vs. 3rd Party Squarespace Templates

There are two main types of Squarespace templates: 1st party and 3rd party.

1st Party Templates are created and supported by Squarespace itself. They are fully integrated into the platform, and users can expect seamless performance and dedicated support from Squarespace’s customer service.

Independent designers develop 3rd Party Templates and are not officially supported by Squarespace. While they may offer unique designs and features not available in 1st party templates, they might also come with less integration, and you would typically rely on the developer for support.

Now, let’s take a look over 15 of our favorite blogging templates in Squarespace, which include a mix of both 1st and 3rd-party options tailored for a range of blogging needs.

The Daily Frugal by PixelHaze is tailored for new publishers and independent journalists. It features a format resembling renowned news websites like Metro and Forbes. With a responsive design on the new fluid engine, it incorporates compact news stack and summary block plugins for an authentic news website feel.

Mérida by Squarespace is perfect for bloggers who have text-heavy content. It presents the text in a professional and captivating manner rather than appearing cluttered. The template comes with white-on-black formatting for Dark Mode enthusiasts and incorporates a balanced mix of text and images with a fade-in animation effect.

Novo by Squarespace is specifically designed for design bloggers. Its minimalist black-and-white theme with a hover-over effect on homepage images renders it clean and crisp. The template integrates Dribbble, Vimeo, and Instagram icons in the navigation bar, and gives each project a dedicated page with a description and full-bleed images.

Sway by Christy Price is an elegant template ideal for service providers, course creators, and bloggers. It boasts a minimalistic and modern design, making content stand out. This template comes with 10 built-in pages, including a custom 404 page, and is fully responsive.

Spice by Christy Price is designed for virtual assistants, service providers, and bloggers. Its clean, modern design with mid-century elements makes it aesthetically appealing. Like Sway, it includes 10 built-in pages and ensures optimal display across devices.

Gallery by PixelHaze is tailored for artists and independent art galleries. It builds upon the company’s history of serving arts organizations and features a Gallery Wall Plugin that mimics a physical gallery wall. It is designed on the new fluid engine and is fully responsive.

Michi by Big Cat Creative is a fun and feminine template created for influencers and bloggers. It’s designed to showcase blog posts, collaborations, and influencer-style affiliate marketing with a strategic setup.

Monday by The Styled Square is built for coaches, educators, podcasters, and other creatives aiming to sell online. Its warm and layered design is both modern and intentional, serving as an informative secret powerhouse.

Haute by Squarespace is best for blogs with visually captivating fashion, food, or photography images. Its mosaic-style homepage focuses on visuals, and it features a text-based site menu for easy navigation and search.

Skye by Squarespace is highly versatile and particularly well-suited for food, lifestyle, and travel blogs. It has a magazine-style layout with posts arranged by publication date, featuring images and category tags, and employs a minimalist hamburger menu for navigation.

Tudor by Squarespace is akin to Skye but with a more modern asymmetrical design. Ideal for home décor and lifestyle blogs, it supports multiple authors and facilitates category and author-based post searching through its hamburger menu.

Journal by Kseniia is stylish and elegant, with clean layouts, making it ideal for online magazines, bloggers, podcasters, or news sites. It’s designed to make your content easily digestible and attention-grabbing.

Boho Collective by Kseniia is modern and clean, designed to make your content the center of attention. It’s ideal for business owners looking to showcase their portfolios, products, or services.

Leon by Big Cat Creative combines modern design with a retro twist. It’s bold elements and clean lines make it both playful and fresh, perfect for creative businesses.

Iris by Big Cat Creative is edgy and modern, featuring full-width background images, parallax scrolling, and unique text and image sections that overlap. It’s ideal for those seeking a contemporary design with distinctive features.

Choosing the right template is crucial in establishing an online presence that reflects your content and brand. Whether you are a seasoned blogger or just starting, Squarespace offers many options. With the templates listed above, ranging from the stylish Daily Frugal to the edgy Iris, you are bound to find a match for your unique blogging needs. When making your choice, consider the aesthetic and the features and support that come with 1st and 3rd party templates. Happy blogging!