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2022 Super Bowl in Line for Huge Viewership

Of course, the Super Bowl is watched by millions, so every single season, there are a huge number of viewers tuning in for the big game. However, 2022 could well be one of the most-watched games we have seen in recent years, with high numbers, even for Super Bowl standards.

In the game, the Los Angeles Rams take on the Cincinnati Bengals, with the Rams having the home-field advantage at the SoFi Stadium, and they are favorites to take home the Vince Lombardi Trophy. The latest Super Bowl betting online has the Rams at -185 to take the trophy home with them, with many believing they are the superior team and the fact that they have home advantage adding to that.

It is no surprise to see the Rams featuring heavily in NFL tips, as many believe their defense will do the same. The Rams’ defense is going to play a huge part in the game, they will be looking to pile the pressure on Joe Burrow, especially given how the Tennessee Titans did that brilliantly earlier in the playoffs.

Millions of people will be watching and considering that these two are two of the smaller franchises in the league, with no nationwide love or hate for both teams, who people want to win is likely to be split fairly evenly.

With gambling growing across the US, that is another reason for people to tune in, those who wouldn’t normally watch may well find themselves doing so because they are placing a wager. The Super Bowl that had the best viewing figures came back in 2015, with 114 million viewers watching Tom Brady and the New England Patriots defeat the Seattle Seahawks.

Will 2022 beat that?

NFL Looking to Bounce Back after Poor 2021 Viewing Figures

One of the main reasons why the NFL wants the 2022 Super Bowl to be a success is because the viewing figures for the 2021 Super Bowl were so low. That game was watched by 96.4 million viewers, which works out as the NFL’s worst viewer ratings since 2007.

Part of the reason for this change is down to a move towards streaming, so there will have been more people watching, but they streamed the game, rather than watching it on TV.

The 114 million figure is something that the NFL will have in mind as a number they would like to pass this year. If they are to do that, the increase from last season would work out at around 20%, so would be a huge step forward for the league.

However, with an uninterrupted season, where people have been able to get their football fix on a regular basis, don’t discount this from happening. All eyes will be on the Super Bowl and how the NFL looks when viewing figures are announced, the league will be hoping they are favorable.