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Tips and Tricks to Become a Better Android Developer

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Android is a mobile operating system that was designed specifically for mobile phones. When it comes to Android software development, you need to follow many tips and tricks to stay on top of the league. 

In this article, we will list down some of the most effective tips and tricks to become a better Android developer.

How To Become A Better Android Developer?

1. Follow the Latest Style

You have to keep up with the current style. However, keep in mind that millions of other people are also following the same trend. In order to make it appealing, you will need to think outside the box about how you should go about achieving this goal. 

You must learn how to increase the amount of time your app users spend interacting with it. Review apps that have already been presented on the Google Play Store to get a sense of the current trend.

Carry out some research on the Google Play Store, select some apps that have labels such as Editors’ Grab and Best Developer, and install them on your Android smartphone to see how they perform. 

Afterward, compare and contrast the apps, paying particular attention to the quality that they have in common. Pay close attention to the apps’ layout, features, and anything else that distinguishes them from other similar apps in the section.

2. Increase Your Code Reading

It is rare that a developer will take the time to read the writings of other developers. They also spend the majority of their time talking about the things they already know.

However, this will not assist you in your development as an entire Android developer. The one and the only way to truly improve as a developer is to peruse the excellent code written by more skilled developers and learn from it. 

Try to explore other open-source applications and libraries, as you will learn a great deal about programming concepts, features, and deployments that you were previously unaware of and will be able to apply to your work.

3. Start Making Contributions to Open Source

If you’ve created a catalog, plugin, or any other useful pieces of code and you’re using it in your app, you should think about making it available to the public. When it comes to making a contribution to open-source developments, there is a lot to learn and discover.

Even the smallest amount of assistance, such as correcting a few grammatical errors in the documentation, would be useful to the project keeper in order to keep the project running. In turn, this will undoubtedly assist you in improving your Android Development abilities.

4. Pay Attention to the Feedback

You must pay attention to the feedback that users provide and keep both the positive and negative aspects of your application in mind. Among the most important aspects of an app is that it is maintained on a consistent basis.

Keep your app up to date at all times. Keep track of the issues that users are having with your app and, through constant updates, use them as solutions to the problems they are experiencing in order for you to be able to provide the best experience possible to your users the next time.

5. Make Your Integrated Development Environment Work for You

Invest more time in becoming more familiar with the IDE you are currently using: Android Studio. It is capable of much more than what you are probably aware of. There are numerous useful characteristics and shortcuts concealed within the IDE that perhaps the majority of developers never even consider using.

Develop a habit to look for new and improved ways to make your techniques work harder for you while also improving your workflow and increasing your overall efficiency.

Benefits of Being a Successful Android Developer

Increased Market Capacity

First of all, one of the most important reasons to develop each and every type of mobile application is to relate as many customers as possible with your company. It just so happens that the Android operating system currently pervades the industry for smartphone operating systems. 

According to Statista, Android accounts for approximately 73% of total world market dominance in 2021, clearly placing the platform ahead of iOS by a significant margin.

It Is Simple to Incorporate

With regard to technical customizability that’s also complicated or integrating an already-developed app, the Android platform is unsurpassed. The ability to combine in an open-ended manner is one of the primary reasons why many developers assume that Android is the best mobile platform available, from application development to process architecture.

Developers Will Have an Easier Time Adopting the Technology

Another benefit of Android development would be that the system is primarily constructed in Java. Android app development is becoming increasingly popular. As a result, transitioning from software development to mobile application development under the framework of Android is much simpler for software developers.

Final Thoughts

A goal has no finish and no shortcuts to success. Every objective is linked to a different objective. For those who are dedicated to the Android industry, there is no limit to the number of new frameworks and apps that may be created and published every day, as well as new versions of the Android operating system.

In other words, Android will keep up with the times. Regardless of your job stage, you should never stop studying new technologies. In order to truly grasp a new piece of technology, you must first put it to the test.