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23 Characteristics of a Good Real Estate Agent

Every real estate agent wants to be successful in the real estate business and wants to come in Realestate Property News. As in all professions, preparation is also the key to achieving the highest goals. In this article we present the ten aspects that you must strengthen to become a good real estate agent.

How difficult is it to be successful in the real estate business?

True real estate professionals know that although this is a very demanding area, becoming a successful realtor can be less difficult than it sounds. This, of course, if you have the right tools and organization such as The Letting Game, which helps their Bristol letting clients during every step of the rental process. Here are some guidelines for the real estate investing for beginners.

Given the volume of information that must be handled (documents, permits, invoices, licenses, etc.), organization is essential. In addition, you must have a good database that keeps all the information that is continuously generated up to date.

Another aspect that should be paid attention to is the production of reports that certify data on the value of real estate in relation to the flows and changes in the economy. And, of course, optimizing customer management, so that you always get the best service. 

How to achieve success as a good real estate agent?

To stand out and position yourself in the real estate sector, transparency and honesty are essential. You should never lie to customers or try to close a business just to meet a sales goal.

On the contrary, the important thing is to sell because you want to help fulfill the goals and dreams of your clients and your own. Here are ten tips so you can achieve success in the real estate business and become a good real estate agent.

 1. Get updated.

Having a high level in such a complex sector requires constantly updating in terms of market movements. But also, in terms of the technological tools that allow to improve the service and efficiently manage the properties.

 2. Connect with other agents.

The real estate business works on the basis of cooperation and good communication between real estate agents.  Many times, the sale of a property is achieved by these alliances between agents who were creative and innovative. In addition to being very ethical in their professional practice.

3. Listen carefully to the needs of your customers.

A good real estate agent must develop the ability to listen to his client, because only in this way will he be able to know exactly what the client wants and needs.

You need to develop a conversation in which the agent asks questions and gives answers that they have already thought of before. The buyer wants to express their wishes and preferences, and this will only be achieved when actively listening and not improvising what is said.

4. Be creative.

A creative real estate agent is not afraid of failure. Knows the importance of the balance between objectivity and subjectivity and demonstrates good management of their emotionality.

In addition, he uses his imagination to develop his ideas, is self-critical and clearly identifies opportunities, successes and mistakes, and understands human and professional situations.

5. Learn to express yourself.

Although, certainly, the real estate agent who listens the most and talks the least is the one who usually closes the most sales, it is essential that you have good communication in each business situation.

To express yourself correctly, it is recommended that, before showing a property, you prepare a kind of script that contains possible arguments. Key answers and questions to ask the customer. Similarly, you should pay attention to your body language.

6. Invest in your business.

If you want to establish a model that guarantees scalability, make sure you have real estate management software. Investing in these types of tools is the best decision if you want to sell more properties, optimize processes and provide a quality service.

Automation is today a mandatory requirement in the real estate field. A software that includes a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) will allow you to accelerate and improve your professional performance.

In addition, through these systems you can manage an unlimited number of properties, having complete information on each one in the same place. Videos, photos, location maps and all the property documentation.

7. Know your market.

To provide the best real estate services you must know how the market works in the country and in your city.

For example, do you know what volume of transactions are made through franchises or independent professionals? Do you know your competition and have you linked up with it to do networking, or network of professionals? These are some of the aspects that every good real estate agent must handle. For more specifics, check out sell my house fast DC.

8. Keep your schedule rigorously.

Remember that your prestige as a real estate agent depends on the commitment you show to your clients. And also, of the good relations that you establish with them. 

Attend appointments on time, keep your word and try to adapt to the particularities of your clients. But remember that it is the agent who must direct the management. Find the balance between rigor and flexibility.

9. Design your brand.

We already know who our target audience is, what they expect and what we can offer them, now we must approach them, differentiating ourselves from other real estate agents.

Designing a concept of the service we offer will help us to transmit security and professionalism, making the potential client trust the information that we will provide and therefore in us.

10. Transmit the message.

The technical information of the property can be obtained by anyone, what will make them want to have it through us will be “how” we transmit it. The brand that we have created through the differentiated service that we offer will help us to personalize the information to provide, bringing us closer to achieving this transaction and strengthening the relationship by creating future opportunities.

11. Become known.

At present, in addition to the traditional advertising alternatives (written, visual, internet, fairs, etc.) we have different free alternatives to advertise ourselves such as: social networks, blogs and emails that we can quickly exploit. It is important to ensure that we are consistent and disciplined with the information that we are going to share.

If you still don’t feel comfortable using these platforms, the best publicity will always be to provide a good service.

12. You are your main partner.

Make sure you have the necessary tools to take advantage of the opportunities that may arise and of course create them yourself.

Invest in business cards, professional signs to market the properties and why not some amenities for potential clients.

13. You are your main investment.

We have the task done and the concept is clear, it is time to apply everything. The information we have collected and the contacts we have made is only half the way; our attitude, commitment and predisposition are the other half. Good practices hand in hand with knowledge will lead us to success.

14. Always be informed.

Re1member to always be informed of the real estate market, trends and laws that can help us close a transaction on the most favorable terms.

The purchase / sale of a family or commercial property can be the beginning of a chain of referrals, that is why it is our duty to have an attitude.

The real estate universe is extremely varied, it continues to grow and specialize so there will always be an opportunity for those who want to venture into real estate agents. Professionalize your services and be the difference.

15. Select the properties that you are going to manage.

Avoid accumulating endless products that are not salable. On the contrary, it assumes the management of properties related to your brand image. You could take some devalued properties as a business opportunity but avoid burdening yourself with them.

16. Gather information.

In order to offer a personalized service, it is very important that you know in detail what exactly your client needs and is looking for. A good way to obtain this information is to provide you with a form in which it can perfectly describe the home you are looking for, or what you hope to achieve with the sale of your current home.

17. Give them your agent dossier.

Surely during your first contact or meeting with your potential clients you provide them with a lot of information. It is important that, once your first meeting with them is over, you leave them some information in which they can obtain a great summary of what was discussed. A complete agent dossier with information about the process of buying and selling a property, your resume, professional achievements and customer testimonials is ideal for them to consult after your first contact.

18. Allot enough time to your clients.

Don’t make a quick presentation about your services. If you want your potential client to feel comfortable with you and with the process, it is important that you take the time and earn their trust. Give them at least 90 minutes of time to make a great first impression with them.

19. Have an established routine for recruitment visits.

The first visit to attract a property is vital. If you have established a routine, you will not miss any detail and you will have more assured the reception of the house. Take a tour of the house, take notes and find out in advance about the conditions of the house, about what needs to be done for its sale and discuss with the seller the reasons why he should market his house with you.

20. Build a relationship.

Don’t make the first meeting just focus on getting the engagement. Take the opportunity to gather more information about your potential customers and build a relationship with them. This will help them to feel more comfortable with you and you to know more about them and therefore about how to work with them.

21. Work effectively.

It is very important that you do a good job. Make sure to collect all the information you need to make a correct assessment.

22. Reach an agreement.

When you sit down with your potential clients, it is essential that you agree on such important issues as when it should be the move, the value of the property and the marketing plan that you will carry out for its sale.

23. Position yourself on social networks

Social networks are one of the main sources of traffic and visibility, so publish valuable information related to the services you provide daily. In this way, you can become a benchmark in the sector. Have a presence in real estate networks. 

You don’t have to post every day to all networks, but make sure you post at least one post every day. You could apply the law of one third: social assets, family and your hobby, 


To achieve success in the real estate business it is necessary to have a high level of organization and have the technological tools that, today, simplify the work of the real estate agent as we are doing in Capital smart city harmony park block 3.5 marla.

To the extent that it is updated, and new technologies designed specifically for the real estate sector are implemented, processes are optimized, and a better service is provided.

By establishing relationships with other agents, creativity is fostered, and the customer is listened to carefully to find out their needs. In addition, if you incorporate all the advice that we offer here, it will be possible for you to achieve success in this dynamic sector of the economy and be a good real estate agent.