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7 Items That Can Help You Move Comfortably to Your New Home

Are you moving out of your current home and into a new one? Are you in search of new office space? If yes on the latter, you can mind modern office furniture. And you know that it can be an overwhelming experience, especially when you’re handling the move on your own. And you can check out modern office furniture.

You have to make sure that you have a truck lined up and that all the paperwork is finalized. Perhaps most importantly, you need to have all the right tools and equipment on hand. If you miss even one of these items, it can turn an exciting new change into a stressful headache.

These seven items and tools will help avoid broken dishes, keep your valuables intact, and prevent a back ache during your move.

1.  Straps and Ropes

Moving straps are an item that a lot of people ignore or forget to include in their packing supplies list. However, ropes and straps are excellent tools for carrying bulky, heavy, or awkward stuff, like a big-screen TV or desk. 

Best of all, they can help you better secure your items to trucks, moving dollies, and to each other. This helps to prevent back strains and many other injuries, but also keep a stumble or bump from cracking something important.

2.  Ramps 

It is no secret that getting a ramp for your curbside and doorways is an excellent idea when you’re moving big items in and out. This will help you easily pull, push, or drag the carts through your doorways without applying extra effort. As a plus, the dollies won’t chip any corners or leave unsightly skid marks along the way.

3. Stair-Roller

This comes in handy if you have stairs and don’t want to pay for that with every muscle in your body. Stair rollers are simple to attach, allowing bulky or heavy objects to be quickly rolled down any steps in a safe, controlled fashion.

This device is particularly useful for your carpeted stairs, which might tear when you drag down big furniture. Likewise, the rollers will bypass any resistance from the carpeting, allowing items to slide down without jarring stops.

4. Low Tack Tape

Usually called scotch tape, this is very useful for small containers where the use of packing tape may be overkill. It also helps create a surface that you mark with notes or room names without damaging your items or leaving permanent writing.

5. Furniture Dolly

This is perhaps the most important item of all. You can use a furniture dolly in order to both stack and move several boxes at once. Even bulky items, like sofas or tables, can be propped on this and rolled around. This will save your back and reduce the chance of dropping breakable items. 

6. Takeout Bags, Garbage Bags, and Garment Bags

It always pays to have bags in your moving supply kit. This makes it easy to pack up last-minute items that were forgotten, such as pens, oven mitts, or toiletries. From official garment bags to even garbage bags, they can pack up an entire closet’s worth of clothes, saving your boxes for more important things.

You can even repurpose grocery bags or food carrier bags. The best part of moving out is the takeout meals, so save those plastic bags from Postmates or other services and use them for packing up socks or other small items. 

7. Moving Blanket

You’ll never find professional movers without it: a moving blanket. This can be laid on the floor to help you slide heavy items without scuffing them. You can also wrap it around delicate furniture without nicking it on corners. Even taking items down stairs will be easier. Once you’re all finished, you can wrap it around cloth items, like your sofa, to protect against spills and dust.

With these simple items, moving out will not only be faster, but a lot more comfortable.