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Artificial Intelligence in the Online Casino Industry

Operating beneath the surface of most of our online activity, AI is usually invisible. It works to protect us, to guide us, and to make slow tasks more efficient. Yet, despite all the ways AI is implemented, it often gets overlooked. Taking a look at online casinos as a base, we want to examine a few reasons why AI is so indispensable in the online world, and what it can accomplish that humans alone could not.

Basic Online Safety

The most basic forms of online protection are those aspects shared across all webpages. For an example of this, consider the casino comparison site of To an outsider, this page contains ratings of different casinos as well as their standout features like bonus deposits and supported special currencies. Underneath the obvious, these pages are only possible through heavy AI-led safety testing. Here, AI bots work to probe as many possible security flaws as they can before a site goes live, with only passing websites able to appear online.

Symposium Cisco Ecole Polytechnique 9-10” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Ecole polytechnique / Paris / France

AI protection also works to protect against the most common outside attacks, DDOS strikes. Again, testable before a website goes public, third-party AI as mentioned at can work to understand patterns in attacks. Once these patterns are understood, blocking continued flooding becomes possible, so developers can lay out the safest implementable frameworks.

Financial Concerns

As an industry which can deal with significant quantities of money, online casinos require considerable safety precautions for any financial aspects. This is a two-fold system, where a strong defense owes to AI testing from both the individual casino and the licensed payment systems.

On the casino side, AI is used to probe every possible form of output that their developed withdrawal and deposit pages can manage. In turn, this data can then be used by the payment companies to check if these range of values in any way negatively affect their systems, as notes. These checks could be performed manually, but through the use of AI, the time required is cut to a small fraction of what it would otherwise be.

Game Testing

As the backbone of what keeps online casinos running, games are an area with the most moving parts. It’s common for major casinos to host hundreds of games, and a problem with any one of these could lead to major issues for the casinos, the game developers, and the players. From players not getting paid out to major security vulnerabilities being exploited, AI testing again saves the digital day.

The general idea of AI testing for games is that it allows similar behavior to what humans might enact, only infinitely faster. With AI, each game is run through thousands of tests where every option possible is run in different combinations to stress-test the experience. This way, if there are any major flaws, they can be detected and patched long before a game is made public.

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These are just a few of the ways that AI affects online casinos, but it’s far from the full picture. There are myriad times when AI has helped businesses like those in the casino industry succeed, even if most users never notice it. So, next time you’re playing games online, or even just browsing, take some time to thank the unsung heroes of the web. This way, if the inevitable uprising does occur, at least you’ll be on the AI’s good side.