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3 Best Electronic Chess Games of 2021

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Playing chess comes with a chance to offer you the best experience. Chess not only enhance your gaming tactic but also powers up your intelligence and creativity. The game allows you to relax and refresh your mind. With technology, you can now enjoy multiple electronic chess games. These games allow you to play against a computer or individual virtually.

Chess openings are the first moves that a player makes in a chess game. The opening is the most important part of any chess game and it can determine the outcome of the game. Thus, learn more about chess openings.

However, not every game is a nice idea. Some electronic chess sets do not have the features for the best gaming experience. They are just a replica of the traditional boards with simple sensor add-ons. For this reason, you must be conscious when buying a chess game to ensure you have the right pick. So, if you are looking for one, here are the 3 best electronic chess games of 2021.

DGT Centaur

When it comes to electronic chess games, DGT Centaur remains the best choice. This device from DGT, a reputable manufacturer of chess sets, will transform your chess experience. The small programmed computer comes with three difficulty levels. You can choose your preferable playing level. For the best experience, each level is flexible. 

DGT designed this electronic chess game to fit your accuracy levels. The computer will be accurate depending on the mistakes you make. More mistakes translate to less accuracy. However, it does not have an option to set your target goals. This aspect makes it hard to assess whether you are improving your chess skills or not.

Despite this, the gaming device has a powerful display screen. The DGT Centaur uses an e-paper screen similar to the one used in Kindle or Nook e-readers. This screen is easy to read using direct sunlight and friendly to your eyes. The device has over 3000 elo games that you can play on it. 


Picochess or the DGT Pi is another electronic chess game from DGT. The game stands out among the best electronic chess games of 2021. Picochess consists of several chess set elements, including a chess clock, raspberry pi, and DGT digital smartboard. These elements make a programmable microcomputer that transforms your chess experience. 

This electronic chess game has great opportunities that allow you to up your playing skills and techniques. It has 15 opening books, 5 playing modes, 8 engines, and 3 time controlling styles (Fischer, time per game, and time per move). Also, the time control style offers 8 different options. This means you can play games ranging from 1 minute to 90 minutes. 

Accordingly, each of the 8 engines has a varying set of levels. Each level offers a different Stockfish, you have to choose among 20 levels that vary in playing strength. You can also opt to play with Rodent 3 engine that has 69 levels. In this essence, you have a chance to pick a playing level that aligns with your desired gaming strength. 

Top 1 Chess Set Board Game

Do you come from a family that is in love with chess? There is no better way to enjoy a fun moment together playing your favorite games than getting this electronic chess game. This set allows you to play against your family members or itself. It has great features for training your kids to play chess and up your skills in readiness for any tournament.

Developed for professional-grade, the Top 1 Chess Set Board Game is the best choice when looking for an amusing single-player experience. It has powerful capabilities to boost your chess skills through challenges. So, it is a good option for enhancing problem-solving and decision-making skills among your family members.

In a word, an electronic chess game is an excellent idea to improve your skills and winning tactics. Buying one of the above chess games will boost your performance in the upcoming 2021 tournaments.