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What Exactly is a Mommy Makeover?

Do you miss your pre-baby body? Are you struggling to get it back?

A lot of women are able to regain most of their figure through a combination of the calories burned through breastfeeding and rededicating themselves to diet and exercise.

However, there are considerably more frustrated women who can’t seem to get their old bodies back, no matter how many sit-ups they do. They’re left with extra fat, sagging skin, and stretch marks.

This frustration is exactly why plastic surgery clinics across North America started offering the so-called Mommy Makeover.

How much does a mommy makeover cost? When can I have it? Keep reading to find out.

What is Included in the Mommy Makeover?

The Mommy Makeover is not a single procedure. It’s a series of procedures that combine to target the areas that most moms want to tighten.

It may include:

  •   Breast augmentation/lift
  •   Labiaplasty
  •   Stretch mark removal
  •   Cellulite treatment
  •   Liposuction, or non-surgical body contouring
  •   Fat grafting in the buttocks area
  •   Laser hair removal
  •   A tummy tuck

The tummy tuck portion is particularly appealing to a lot of frustrated moms. Exercise can help you get rid of excess weight, but it can’t do much for excess skin.

“With many of my patients, it’s not so much about looking younger, it’s about trying to re-capture some of the body that they used to have,” said Dr. Stephen Mulholland, one of the leading authorities on the tummy tuck in Toronto.

Your treatment expert will work with you to determine which combination of the above procedures can help you meet your goals. Maybe you just need laser hair removal services, but an expert will suggest treatments to help you get your perfect body back.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost can vary greatly based on the surgeon you work with and the procedures that you end up getting.

Generally speaking, you may be looking at anywhere from $16,000-$17,000 to start. However, if you don’t feel that you need a lot of work, you can certainly get any of the individual procedures à la carte. A liposuction procedure by itself could start at $5000-$7000, depending on the size of the area(s) being treated.

Some plastic surgeons are now also offering financing options to make your procedure even more affordable.

Is the Mommy Makeover Right For Me?

It’s hard to say. It could be the perfect way for you to finally shed the last of that stubborn baby weight, while also tidying up the abdomen of loose skin and stretch marks.

At this point, we probably don’t have to tell you that regaining your pre-pregnancy body is a real challenge, and probably a bigger challenge than you may have expected. You often don’t have the time (or the motivation) to work out, while your meal schedule is as erratic as your sleep schedule.

The Mommy Makeover isn’t a fairy godmother that waves a magic wand and turns your stomach into Jennifer Lopez’s 6-pack abs. However, it has definitely helped a lot of women regain their pre-baby form, while helping them fit into their pre-maternity clothes again.