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3 Quick Ways to Send a Fax in 2022

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Not too long ago, just about every office in America had a fax machine. These bulky pieces of equipment required a constant supply of paper, ink, and new parts, but they were the best way to transmit information quickly to any other office or individual equipped with a fax machine. 

Thankfully, all that has changed. While industries that prioritize confidentiality still use faxes rather than emails to communicate between offices, there’s no need to keep maintaining legacy fax machines. Instead, read on to find out about three quick ways to send a fax in 2022.

  1. Send a Fax Online

One of the most effective ways to send faxes to people who still use legacy fax machines is through an online faxing service like West Fax. Online faxing services allow users to sign up for accounts and then compose new fax messages for secure transmission to any fax number. Businesses and individuals that sign up for an online faxing service will be able to keep their existing fax numbers, as well, which means it’s just as easy to receive incoming transmissions.

The benefits of sending online faxes extend well beyond the cost savings associated with getting rid of that bulky, failure-prone fax machine. Online fax services offer unlimited storage, can be accessed from anywhere, and offer greater security than fax machines.

  1. Send a Fax From Email

Many online faxing services also allow users to send faxes conveniently from their ordinary email accounts. Using these services is simple, you can even send fax over Gmail or any other free email provider. Just sign up with a reputable service provider to get assigned a personal fax number. Once the registration is complete, users can send faxes by simply putting in the fax number “@” the website of the email-to-fax service.

One of the great things about sending faxes as emails is that it allows users to attach additional documents. A good online fax service will accept many different document formats, usually including .docx and .pdf files. In most cases, the words typed into the email message field will be sent as a cover sheet and the attached documents will make up the rest of the fax. Some fax services also offer HIPAA-compliant cover sheets.

  1. Send a Fax Using Software

Some people prefer to use computers equipped with faxing software instead of online fax services, and that’s just fine. There are plenty of faxing services that offer software solutions, as well. Just make sure to find one that lets current registered users access faxing software for free to avoid paying for the same service twice.

Once users have downloaded faxing software, it’s easy to send secure communications. Downloading faxing software doesn’t prevent the use of cloud-based faxing solutions, either. Many people use a combination of the two.

Faxing Is Here to Stay

When the Internet first became popularized, many people assumed that emails would overtake faxing completely. Because they tend to be less secure, though, emails are best reserved for ordinary personal and business communications. Online faxing is still the quickest, easiest, and more secure way to send sensitive information in 2022.