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3 Things I Bet You Never Knew About Netflix Drama ‘Narcos’

In yet another “must steam” drama on Netflix, “ Narcos” chronicles the rise of the cocaine trade in Colombia in the late 1980s and the circumstances, often not for the faint of heart, of the notorious war on drugs.

Set and filmed on location in Colombia in the first two seasons, the focus is on the criminal exploits of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar (Wagner Moura), as well as the many other drug kingpins who plagued the country at the time.

“There’s none of the bloated complacency that dogs so many streaming dramas,” noted a review of “Narcos” in The Guardian. “Those dull moments are rare. The old tale can bear another retelling, especially when it’s as rich, nuanced and shamelessly fun as this.”/em>

1. Did you know that “Narcos” Season 4 is actually “Narcos: Mexico”?

Season three of “Narcos” begins with the fall of Pablo Escobar, which certainly keeps audience interest intact. But instead of the traditional fourth season renewal, the series was retooled as a companion to “Narcos” called “Narcos: Mexico.

This time the focus is on the drug culture in Mexico in the 1980s. The cast includes Michael Peña, Diego Luna, Tenoch Huerta. And a second season of “Narcos: Mexico” (and fifth overall for the franchise) is heading our way on Netflix.

2. Did you know about “Narcos” Board Game?

Based on the mothership series, interactive spin-off experience “Narcos: The Board Game” (buy it here) puts the players in the roles of the characters from the drama. One person, for example, plays Pablo Escobar and the other players, in factions or in groups, try to catch that character.

These groups are united in their common interest to discover the hidden position of the El Patrón, sharing information and discussing strategies. And, if the El Patrón player manages to complete their secret objectives without being captured by the Hunters, they win. If the Hunters are able to uncover El Patrón's location, they succeed in their mission and win.Players can adjust the difficulty of the game or play with variants to change their experience each time they play. And, unlike other games based on television shows, this is clearly an adult theme.

3. Did you know about “Narcos” Slot Machine?

“Narcos,” additionally, is represented in a casino slot machine from NetEnt where participants join the fight against the ruthless drug culture. In this game, featuring “Grand Theft Auto”-inspired graphics, gamers are immediately thrust into the drug induced streets of Medellin.

The reels are placed on a typical Colombian street populated with the authenticity of the city landscape and shops. And the “Narcos” slot machine features a fiery Latino soundtrack that truly does transform you. When you hit a winning combination, the symbols burst into flame.

Did you know that you can listen to the Narcos playlist on Spotify?

The featured symbols include J, Q, K and A royal values with piles of cash, grenades, machine guns and handguns on them. And there are flamingos and characters from the TV series (including José Rodríguez Gacha, Connie Murphy and DEA agents Steve Murphy and Javier Peña).

Other features include a win-streak mini bonus called Locked Up in the base game, which is activated when three or more locked up symbols land on the same row. There is The Walking Wild Feature, which appears both in the main game and in the Free

Spins game. And The Drive-By feature is activated randomly during the base game and transforms several high symbols into Wilds.

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“Narcos” the Netflix drama; “Narcos” the board game; and “Narcos” the casino slot machine. Could an attraction at a theme park be next?