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New Season of Netflix Series ‘Narcos: Mexico’ to Launch in November

This Fourth Season of Available for Streaming on November 16

“Narcos: Mexico” is a world-famous US-born drug trafficking drama series that was entirely created and directed by two long-term collaborators – Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro. The producers of the series have long been known for a few other outstanding cinematographic creations such as “Prince of Persia” and “The Uninvited” among many other spectacular movies. So now the fourth season of the Netflix authentic movie series “Narcos” is going to be released to the public. This time the producers focused on the unlawful drug trade activities across Colombia. It seems like the global war on drugs has become as widely discussed and debated about as the never-fading popularity of online games slots that have produced a revolution on the global scene virtually in no time.

The previous seasons were entirely devoted to Mexico-related drug trafficking affairs, so the movie directors have shifted to a new scene and hopefully, their new release is going to be as impressive as the previous ones. The new series are scheduled to be launched in late autumn this year, so we all are anticipating the upcoming cinematographic masterpiece from two world-class movie producers of all times.

In the previous three seasons, the producers concentrated on the Mexican trafficking business with several iconic movie stars playing the lead roles in the former series. This time the DEA agent Kiki Camarena (played by Michael Pena) is going to move his family from sunny California to Colombia in order to take up a new job position, but he will soon enough realize that his new assignment is going to be far more challenging and life-threatening than could ever be imagined. We do hope that he will deal with his mission to the best of his abilities, but some tragic events are still to be anticipated, as the entire concept behind this series is built upon the idea of the long-term war against drug trafficking affairs that is unlikely to ever come to an end.

As for the cast of the new release, Michael Pena and a cinematographic legend Diego Luna are going to take up the lead roles in the re-branded crime drama. The fourth season is going to deal with the Colombian cartel as the primary subject of the new series, even though the previously launched seasons captivated the attention of the global public due to their tragic re-telling of the rise of Pablo Escobar who is known to be a globally recognized drug trafficking boss of all times.

It is still to be clarified whether the new story will be unraveled with as much thrill and drama as in the previous series, but we are pretty sure that the upcoming release is going to turn into another success mainly because it is an all-favorite masterpiece of cinematograph that has a huge fan base and is anticipated by innumerable viewers all over the globe.