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3 Tips For Better Essay Writing Ideas

The essay idea creation is one of the mind numbing acts that you can do as a student. David Hoang, a provider of the affordable custom dissertations at Write Any Papers, says “it can be a tenuous exercise to try and figure out which idea will prime your creative side so that you can get started writing words on paper instead of staring at a blank page on a sheet of paper or on your screen”.

Fictitious names are labeled to these types of situations from mind blocks to writers blocks. Whatever you call it the output is the same which is nothing. Nothing from nothing is nothing.

Absolutely nothing productive let alone any type of ideas come into your mind and consequently you are stuck at the moment trying to find a way out of your predicament.Your task is to come up with an idea so that you can start writing words on paper to at least get your pen moving.

Will you be able to come out of it?Basically you will grasp at anything at this point and I would wager that you will take any type of advice that could be given to you.

If you want to know some alternatives or primers to get you going read this rest of this article and you will come up with some basic fundamental steps on how to set yourself up for success.

Envision the Right Tools

You need to ensure that your writing area is for writing only. Make sure that you are in the correct mindset and that you have all the writing tools that you need.

You need to compartmentalize yourself for writing.You need to create a writing ambience and that is accomplished in short by turning off the TV and the radio, unplugging your phone and closing out your email accounts.

If you set yourself up in your writing area in the first place you will have much more success than in the past.

Not being mentally and physically prepared to write will not give you an advantage when writing. You will need every break in the book in order to be a successful and consistent writer.

Mind Meld

This can take many forms. In order to get into the right frame of mind of writing you really have to set your mood.

You can mediate by walking, running, exercising or just by listening to classical music. The whole point here is to relax your mind and body so that you can tune into writing.

Being relaxed and focused will allow meditation to take over so that you can write without any hindrances. Even if it’s for only 5 minutes that you’ve established your writing area, meditation can do wonders to get your creative juices working.


After you have established your writing place and your mind is relaxed and you still are stymied with article ideas then writing about anything that comes to mind will help.

This is called free writing. Writing in this arena has no boundaries for subjects to write about. Write about that trip you’ve been planning or about the weather.

The objective here is to create a link between your brain and your hand that holds the pen to success. Writing freelance about anything that comes to mind will help you release the creativity within you and allow the idea to come out.

Try this little exercise of free writing and this will probably astound you on what subjects may come out. You will write about any subjects that come to mind.

In this exercise you are going to write down the word “computer.” For 5 minutes write complimentary words associated with the word computer.

I mean any and all subjects that you can come up with that are connected or that you’ve seen on your computer.The pressure of time will allow you to write one word associations quickly and come up with some ideas.

At the end of the 5 minute session go over the subjects and highlight the most relevant subject that you want to write about and you are on your way to beating the writing block blues.