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Cause and Effect Essay Topics

You must have written a lot of Cause and Effect Essays at school though at that level, you would have known them only as “essays”. One easy way to describe this type of essay, would be how “one thing led to the another ”. In this case, “one thing” would be the cause and “another” would be the effect, because of the cause.

And an example of such an essay would be, “Write the Cause and Effects of drug abuse”. Some causes can have many effects, which is true of the above topic. You can start the essay by describing the various habit-forming drugs such as opium, heroin, marijuana etc. that people take and then move onto describing the effects that each drug is likely to cause.

There are two ways to write this essay. You can focus on the effects that are likely to manifest because of the cause, which in this case is drug abuse. Alternatively, you can also discuss the reasons, which lead to drug addiction, Alissa Zucker, a professional writer at the college essay writing service, assumes. Cause and effect essays topics give a lot of scope to discuss, reason and analyze. In this type of essay, arranging the facts chronologically is very essential. Use keywords and subheading for the description of each effect.Here is a list of cause and effect topics that you can try your hand on:

  1. Discuss the causes and effects of World War II.
  2. What caused Japan to bomb Pearl Harbour and what were its effects?
  3. What were the causes that triggered the Salem Witch Trials and what were its effects?
  4. What was the root cause of revolution in Egypt and what were its effects?
  5. What were the causes that led to the 9/11 attacks and what were its effects?
  6. What caused the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan and describe its effects?
  7. What causes Forest Fire and what its effects?
  8. What were the causes of the 2004 Tsunami and its long-reaching effects?
  9. What were the causes that led Henry VIII to marry six times and its long-reaching effects?
  10. Discuss the cause and effect of divorce on children?
  11. What were the causes of the recent revolution in Libya and its effects?
  12. What is causing Global Warming and what are its effects?
  13. Discuss the causes and effect of holocaust on Jews?
  14. What were the causes that were responsible for the killing of Osama Bin Laden and its effects on the Islamic world?
  15. What are the causes for marital discord and its effect on the family?
  16. Causes that drive men out of their marital bed into the arms of other women and its effects on the family?
  17. What are causes that are responsible for the congenital diseases in royal families and their effect on the future generations?
  18. What were the causes that led to the meltdown of the Chernobyl Nuclear reactor and its effect on people?
  19. What were the causes for the Great Depression?
  20. Causes that triggered the Great Plague during the Middle Ages.
  21. What causes Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and what are its effects?
  22. What causes Postpartum depression in women and discuss its effects?
  23. What were the causes that led to American Civil War?