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3 Ways to Post to Instagram from PC 

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Instagram has emerged as one of the most used social media apps. This Meta-owned photo and video sharing app became popular because of its friendly interface and enhanced privacy settings. Instagram was launched in 2010, six years after Facebook was launched. But it soon became highly popular and users from across the globe loved the experience of using this engaging and fun app.?? 

Furthermore, Instagram became a legit and invaluable platform for social media influencers, online businesses, content creators, artists, brands, photographers, and so on. Its distinct algorithm worked wonders for them without having to invest a lot. 

Instagram has limited functionality when you use it on a PC or Mac. Perhaps this is a deliberate move from Instagram because it is mainly a mobile app and is encouraging mobile-first use across the globe. For example, if you are following the Cox TV packages page on Instagram, you won’t be able to DM them from your PC.  So, before you think it’s an internet glitch that’s not letting you DM them, know that the Instagram web version is the culprit for having limited functions. 

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How to Post on Instagram through PC? 

If you are thinking about whether it is possible or not to post on Instagram through PC, it is! This question comes into context when we talk about the ease of sharing content on Instagram. 

For content creators, photographers, and influencers who are filming content on a professional camera, it is not easy to send everything from their PC to phone and then post it on Instagram. Not only this is time-consuming, but it is also tedious. 

So, let’s talk about hassle-free ways to share photos and videos directly from your PC or Mac to Instagram. 

3 Ways to Post on the Gram from Your Computer 

Using a PC or Mac 

Through Hootsuite 

Using Creator Studio 

Posting on Instagram Using a PC or Mac 

Finally, Instagram has changed. Since October 2021, users have had the liberty of creating and publishing posts using the desktop browser version of Instagram. It’s like a breath of fresh air for content creators and photographers who used to spend hours transferring and posting their content on the Gram. 

All you have to do is to sign in to your Instagram account on (the desktop browser version). And then upon clicking the plus symbol in the corner of the screen, just like the one on its mobile counterpart, you will see a pop-up window to create a new post. 

Now you just have to browse and select photos and videos from your computerThen simply drag them to the pop-up window. For a carousel post, you will be able to select up to 10 files, just like the mobile app. 

Furthermore, you also get to crop, edit, change the ratio, zoom, use effects or filters, add emojis, and do other stuffJust like the mobile app. Lastly, you can add a Location tag and a nice caption. And voila! You can share your post instantly with a click! 

Through Hootsuite 

You can also post on Instagram from Mac or PC using Hootsuite. The steps are fairly simple. Take a look: 

Sign in to the Hootsuite dashboard 

Don’t have an account already? Create one. 

Navigate the Hootsuite dashboard and locate the New Post button 

Click it and wait for the New Post window 

Select Instagram under the Post to option 

If you haven’t added your account, tap +Add a social network 

Follow the on-screen instructions 

Drop an image, a video, or a carousel of images and videos 

Use a photo editor to enhance your images and videos 

When done, add a caption and the hashtags that you want to use 

Also, you can add location just like the mobile app 

Once the entire post is crafted, review it for any errors 

Now click the Post Nowbutton 

Once you get the hang of these steps, following them the next time would be easy. 

Using Creator Studio 

If you only want Instagram and not the rest of the social networks cluttering your dashboard, using Creator Studio could be a more suitable optionHowever, with Creator Studio, you will be able to post as well as schedule all sorts of posts except Instagram Stories. They are not supported as yet. 

Posting on Instagram using Creator Studio is fairly easy. Once you are connected, simply navigate to the Instagram section. From here, you can click Instagram Feed to view it or Create Posts to add new content. You can also sign in with multiple Instagram accounts and post from whichever you prefer. 

To make things easier, you can choose to post using one of two options. You can either upload files directly from your computer. Or, you can tap the From Facebook Page option and you will be able to share all the content that you have already shared on Facebook. You can even post the same content simultaneously on Facebook and Instagram. For users who use both Facebook and Instagram, using Creator Studio to post on both is a hassle-free fix.  

To conclude, in addition to these three, there are other ways to post on Instagram from your PC. But these three are by far the most convenient ones. Have fun posting content with more ease and convenience!