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4 Best Apps for Academic Writers

Convenience and comfort when writing an essay have greatly bolstered writing essays, all in the account of the recent tech advancements. Students now can enjoy a hassle-free editing and writing process, which enables them to deliver every course work with ease and within the stipulated time. Besides, everyone can access these apps irrespective of their geographical location, provided they have a phone, laptop, and secure and reliable internet connection.

Besides offering stress-free writing and editing features, the software like essay app from can help students deliver error-free native-like content, which bolsters their chances of getting better grades. That said, there are many apps to use, but here’s a brief look at the top 4 apps for students and academic writers.


This is simply an editing app that offers students a chance to deliver native-like content. You might be wondering how this is possible. The app allows you to set the preferred language and edit your paper as per the chosen language. The corrections you make enable you to change the highlighted phrases to the language you’ve set, that is:

• American English;
• Australian English;
• Canadian English;
• British English.

Besides, the app also points out poorly structured sentences, which, upon changing, ensure the best flow for your task. That said, the site is easy to use, and it’s compatible with many operating systems. You can use Grammarly:

• On-site;
• Through Windows, iOS, and Android apps;
• As your browser’s extension;
• As an MS Word extension.

Your choice here depends on the model that’s utterly convenient for you. The subscription plans are also affordable, and some of them are billed monthly. However, annual subscriptions are relatively cheaper and can enable you to save a fortune.

Hemmingway Editor

The app aids you in identifying and correcting bulky and hard to read sentences. In return, this helps you improve your text’s readability to ensure those going through your work understand your points clearly.

When the app highlights the areas that need correction, you now get an easy task as you rectify the issues as per the stated comments. Besides, the Hemmingway editor app is free for everyone, and its $19.99 one-time subscription fee offers you limitless access to their premium features.

Plagiarism Software

The best apps here include Turnitin, Grammarly, and Copyscape. They highlight plagiarized sections in your writing to ensure you deliver only 100% unique content. Bear in mind that plagiarism is a huge crime in academic writing, and even the slightest cases of plagiarism can result in suspension.

That said, some of these plagiarism software programs are easily affordable and, therefore, ideal options for students under strict budgets. Finally, the apps are easy to use and compatible with multiple devices to offer users the utmost convenience. However, you can seek help from if it becomes exceedingly challenging to deliver the desired 100% unique content.

Citation Generators

Academic writing follows strict formatting rules. Every student needs to understand the specific paper formatting rules; otherwise, they will risk losing essential marks. However, the formats change over time, and these advancements can be hard to understand instantly.

Fortunately, citation generators offer students the convenience of formatting their paper accordingly without much struggle. The software is automated, and they require you to input the source’s title, URL, or ISBN so that the app can search and get the right source format. Their process of use is the least of your worries, as the automated mode makes it super easy to understand this process.

How to Know if an Education Software Is Worth the Cost

Well, there are multiple factors that can be used to determine a software’s investment value. These include:

• The app’s ease and convenience of use;
• The app’s accuracy;
• The app’s subscription cost.

With these in mind, always look for affordable, accurate, and easy-to-use app. That way, you’ll easily get the best value for the amount you invest. Besides, make sure the software is compatible with multiple devices for the utmost user convenience.

Final Thoughts

Conclusively, education software offer students much-needed convenience and comfort when tackling the assignments. Fortunately, since the developers of these educational apps understand students’ financial constraints, the software is available at relatively low and affordable costs.

Besides, the developers ensure the apps are super easy to use and compatible with multiple devices. However, that said, students need to make sure they pick the right software that meets their needs. In some cases, they might need to consider inevitable factors before making their final decisions.

Finally, if delivering an error-free paper still seems challenging, there’s an option of seeking professional help. However, writers should ensure they go through the process’s dos and don’ts before making their decision.

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