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4 Best Practices for Online Shopping in Israel

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Israelis frequently shop thru the internet. They used to buy things from other countries if they couldn’t find them locally, but nowadays you can find almost everything online and at lower rates.

Here are four best practices for online shopping in Israel.

Plan Ahead

We strongly advise you to check if the merchant legitimately imports the product to Israel before you hit the purchase button. Examine the specifics of delivery times and all fees, including taxes and customs. Products under $500 are free from customs duties, while items under $75 are exempt from value-added tax in Israel. 

The delivery cost is by far the most crucial information to establish. When purchasing an item from a shop that does not offer shipping services in Israel, some companies give a US address and then send the item to you. This strategy is advantageous when purchasing from retailers that do not offer delivery services in Israel.

Snap The Price Using Ybay1

Ybay1 is an Israeli directory that lists virtually every product available in the country, sorted by price, features, and reputation. It is similar to Amazon; however, it does not sell stuff. 

You will discover enough evaluations in significant categories to determine whether your prospect is a flop; you may use this tool to filter by features. If you’re looking for a specific item, you may type in the exact specifications, and Ybay1 will do the rest.

When Shopping for Gadgets or Devices Online

Because the official importer will be the only person who has contact with the brand, the official importer must send its technicians to open the product box and install the device.

If it’s not him, you’ll forfeit your warranty the moment you open the package. Also, understand that the technician is not the same as the delivery person since they work for different companies: delivery individuals are entirely or work directly in the store, whereas technicians work for the official importer.

As a result, if your product requires installation, you will not be able to use it the same day you received it. After you acquire your item, you must wait for the technician who comes to your place to assist you.

Directly Contact The Importer

Products are placed in their boxes from the manufacturer, such as Germany, China, or Poland, and items are not removed until they arrive at the specified delivery address.

Thousands of kilometers were traversed by the merchandise. However, with that said, the item that has been delivered may be broken. Indeed, the products will be replaced straight away, but take note of the following phrases.

You must contact the official importer directly if you have an issue with your purchase. There’s no sense in getting the store, and the business can’t help you because the official importer provides the warranty.


Since the late 1980s, Israel’s shopping system has changed at a quicker rate. You’ll come out on top if you do your research and use the appropriate resources.

You can’t buy me love, as the Beatles sang, but then you can purchase some pretty wonderful items in Israel!