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4 Great Tips for a Successful Relocation 

Are you tired of the overcrowded subways, shoulder to shoulder pedestrian traffic and your cramped little apartment with the – well – no view? Suddenly, you decide to resign from your current job to go and work in another city. Before taking the plunge, think twice and think hard because a change in life like this shouldn’t be considered lightly if you want it to be successful. If you’re thinking of a move to another city or state, try and prepare for a soft landing. 

For a successful move: spend time in the new area

A must if you feel itchy and want to quit your job and surroundings, giving up everything – housing, employment, professional networks… – on a whim. A change in life can be prepared and anticipated, sometimes months or years in advance, to be truly successful.

Our first tip if you have a new city in mind, is to go there for a weekend or during the holidays to see if you feel “at home” there. Everyone’s criteria for successfully settling in a new location will differ – are you sensitive to the climate, the amount of sunshine, rainfall and pollution – all points not to be overlooked. Is there a good restaurant scene, access to beaches, skiing or your favorite recreational activities? If you have children, you should look at the offering of schools and leisure activities within the city. If commute time is a driving factor in your desire to leave your current job, check that the city wont the same problems.

For a successful move: check out real estate prices

Finding accommodation is an essential step in relocating. Whether you plan to rent or buy real estate, you will need to learn about the real estate market in your chosen market. Some cities are victims of their popularity and see housing prices skyrocket. Knowing how much to budget and if there is availability will help ensure your move goes “smoothly.”

Look for a job before moving

Don’t quit on a whim. Make sure you find a good replacement job beforehand. In today’s online world finding a job will be easier than ever. There are numerous good websites that offer job postings in all facets of life. If you have the means, you can also contact a headhunter in the new city and let them do the groundwork of connecting you will possible employment. Don’t hesitate to be sincere and put your real motivations forward. New employers will want to get the message that you will be settling in for a while.

Prepare your move

Preparing for your move takes time and it’s worth being very efficient. If you are using professional movers such as Movegreen Santa Clarita, don’t hesitate to ask for multiple quotes, from numerous trusted companies.  This also applies if you are doing the move yourself and renting a moving truck. There are dozens of good truck rental companies all offering different rates and specials. Be sure to ask about insurance, miles included, and one way drop off fees if necessary. All these fees can add up – try and get a flat rate with unlimited miles included. Many people find it makes life much easier to rent a storage unit at your new destination for a month or two so you can move into your new space at your leisure and unpack and decorate your new home slowly. There are many good websites for comparing prices and booking storage online.  FindStorageFast can help you locate storage in any city across the country.

Good luck with your move and thankyou for reading!