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AppMySite Mobile App Builder Has Launched its Affiliate Program

AppMySite is one of the best and most trusted DIY app makers available online. It has challenged the monopoly of custom app development agencies and made mobile apps easily accessible for all. It has a huge family of subscribers spread across the globe, and the count is increasing minute by minute.

With apps becoming a more preferred medium than websites, development has become a more prominent challenge. This is where a simple solution like AppMySite can help website owners to start their own apps without needing a great degree of technical experience. 

AppMySite has launched its much awaited affiliate program for those who wish to become its brand ambassadors and earn rewarding benefits. The program focuses on offering lucrative benefits to affiliate marketers, willing to partner with the best DIY app maker for Android & iOS platforms.

Anyone can sign up for the affiliate program for free and get started as soon as they receive a confirmation. The affiliates will get a dedicated link and a dashboard where they can easily monitor and manage the data and other details related to the affiliate partnership.

To partner with AppMySite, you can visit the affiliate page, enter basic details, and then hit the “Sign up” button. The affiliates who get approved can get started immediately and enjoy monetary gains. The launch of this program is definitely a viable and promising option for brands that enjoy a good amount of traffic and aspire to capitalize on it. 

About AppMySite mobile app maker 

AppMySite is the best, easiest and the most affordable mobile app builder for creating powerful apps. It envisions to make apps available for all and continues to live up to it. Anyone can sign up for the platform and start building an app for free. 

WordPress and WooCommerce website owners can create feature-rich native mobile apps without writing a single line of code. The app builder is highly intuitive and makes the journey a breeze. Customers enjoy complete customizability and control as they build an app for Android &/or iOS. 

Building flawless apps becomes easier as every change and update can be monitored in real time on an emulator. It is also easy to integrate additional features like Social Login, Push Notifications, App Monetization, Multisite Support, and more. Customers only need to upgrade to a paid subscription when they are satisfied with what they have built and are ready to publish the apps on the app stores. 

AppMySite also has many additional features and products lined up on its roadmap. Evidently, it is the go to solution for those who want to create premium yet affordable apps for their website and tap into the mobile-friendly market. After all, apps are the future, and DIY app builders like AppMySite are enabling businesses to prepare for the future!