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4 Things to Look for in a Web Designer

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Building a website for either a business or personal use can be challenging, and finding a good team that can build it for you can also be difficult. This article discusses four important things you should do when looking for a web design team. Check it out. 

Examples and Portfolio 

The first thing you want to look at is the designer’s previous work. These can be their professional portfolio or the designs they’ve done for past clients. Look for projects that are similar to yours. 

And while great designers can be flexible and create all kinds of designs, the best ones often have certain style preferences. Choose a team whose style fits yours. One example is the Kent website design services.

Moreover, focus on quality, not quantity. Some teams may have hundreds of output but lack the quality you want, while others have a low number of examples but have top-notch quality. 

When looking at examples, you should also check whether the team often uses templates and cookie-cutter designs — that’s usually a bad sign. Opt for teams that can customize websites, such as website design Sunshine Coast teams. 

The things you should pay attention to when checking portfolios and samples are: 

  • Colors: are they bright or toned down? Do they give a professional vibe to the business? 
  • Focus: is the website focused on graphics or photos? 
  • Typography: are the content and texts organized and used creatively? 
  • Speed: do the websites load fast? 
  • Accessibility: do the websites adjust to various screen sizes (desktop, mobile, tablet, etc)? 
  • SEO: if you have background knowledge in SEO, are the websites optimized for search engines? Can you can keywords, backlinks, and proper use of headings? 

Track Record 

You can check a web design team’s track record by looking at reviews of their work and finding their previous clients. Ask them for references that are in the same industry as you, because those people can probably relate to the type of work the team will be doing for you. 

These references can also give you firsthand insights into the team’s work ethics and creative outputs. You can ask the references about many things, such as: 

  • Pricing: do they think the team’s price is worth it? What’s their fee structure? 
  • Project management: how do they handle simple or complicated tasks? What tools do they use? 
  • Expertise: what programming languages or platforms does the team excel at using? 
  • Highlight: what’s their strongest point? What differentiates them from their competitors? 
  • Weakness: what should the team do to improve their services? 

These questions will help you set your expectations straight and know what the team can do for you even before you start the engagement. It’s also wise to ask for personal advice from the reference if you’re thinking of hiring the team. 

Organizational Skills 

A good design company can handle complicated projects. Such projects require close monitoring and meticulous planning.

No matter how careful you are in the planning stage, scope creep happens and the process will inevitably stumble upon challenges. Given this, the team should show great organizational skills. 

Moreover, you shouldn’t need to chase them for updates. You should be informed of what they’re doing at any given point in the project and whether you’re meeting your timelines. 

Communication Skills 

Finally, a good design team is composed of great communicators. They should be responsive, and when they talk, they’re concise, clear, and direct to the point. If they know you’re not familiar with technical jargon, they should make an effort to explain things as plainly as possible. 

More importantly, they should communicate proactively. A team that says no and shares their members’ thoughts on the project is better than one that only says yes to whatever you ask them to do. They ask good questions and provide alternatives and solutions to your problems — they don’t work to just get paid; they communicate genuine interest in your project.