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How To Make A YouTube Video – The Ultimate Resourceful Guide

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YouTube is no longer limited to being a streaming platform. It has emerged as a powerful player in the social media industry. YouTube has a significant hold on the video content business as the world’s second-largest search engine. This platform is used by brands to communicate with customers, advertise their products and services, provide valuable content, and increase brand awareness. Youtube videos on the latest technology, trends and marketing can be very helpful for new commerce to get the knowledge they need. It can be about any topic or any other information.

You might be wondering how to build your first video. If you’ve previously experimented with YouTube, you might simply be seeking ways to improve your video performance. In any case, you’ve arrived at the right location.

Ways to Make a YouTube Video: A Beginner’s Guide

If you want to make a YouTube video or start your video channel on YouTube, there are several things that you must take into consideration. Some of these recommendations are listed below:

1. Know your competitors

You must create a list of your competitors and then review their YouTube channels to get started. Examine which of their films has the most views and comments to learn more about your target audience’s interest. Examine them to see if there are any common threads — patterns that connect the most popular videos, issues that don’t generate much traction, and so on. What Is the quality of their video and what kind of video creating tools they are using. Before you put resources into developing your content, use this technique to determine what resonates with your audience.

2. Conduct your keyword research

You can utilize YouTube keyword research as an SEO strategy to locate the most relevant search terms to incorporate in your video material. Simply using deliberate, studied search terms in your video’s title and meta description can dramatically increase its performance. You can begin by doing some research about what your target audience is looking for.You’re on the right track if you watch videos from your competitors. Check to see if they have a lot of views,  content is of good quality, and answer the question correctly as you go through them.

3. Make use of a storyboard.

Create a storyboard to help you take your script to the next level. A storyboard will act as a visual representation of your video in the form of a comic book. It demonstrates how various pictures are combined to make a single visual tale. You can use software like Storyboarder to construct a storyboard, or you can draw out your thoughts. This approach doesn’t require a lot of time or money; the goal is to get an overview of the content and flow of the film so you can produce it well and convey a cohesive story.

4. Make good use of  essential equipment

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to create a YouTube video. You can probably make your film with the hardware you currently have. Most modern smartphones have high-quality cameras ideal for videography; you can even get an affordable tripod for your phone to ensure that the shot is steady. Depending on the type of video you’re making, you can also utilize your computer’s built-in webcam or buy an external web camera. This method is ideal for recording webinars, testimonials, lessons, and interviews, among other things.

5. Create a compelling introduction

How often have you started a video only to end it after a few seconds because it didn’t pique your interest? Your target demographic is no exception. Today’s video viewers are incredibly picky; if you want to hold their interest, you must capture it in the first five seconds. The best way to do so is to have an easy-to-use, intuitive intro maker tool that can guide you to explore ways of creating engaging intros. 

6. Check your audio

Poor audio is the single most crucial factor in making a video appear amateurish. Run an audio test if you intend to use your camera on your phone or computer. Clear audio is essential for your video to feel professional and polished, and acquiring good audio isn’t tricky. First, test your audio on the camera you’ll be using and in the setting, you’ll be filming it in. This test will tell you how close your actors or interviewees should be to the camera and whether there is a lot of background noise.

7. Make an attention-grabbing thumbnail.

Choose a thumbnail that will stand out on the search results page by using vivid and exciting colors. To reinforce your video’s title, choose a thumbnail with text on the screen; viewers may not read the title as they scroll through search results, so putting the title on your thumbnail helps ensure they see your video. You won’t want a thumbnail that’s too huge, too small, or blurry, so format it according to YouTube’s guidelines.

8. Interlinking of channels and promotion on different channels

Share your video on social media: You probably already have a following on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites. Send your video to your current followers and encourage them to share it with their friends.

Your video should be posted on your website: Your video might fit on a home or product page on your website, or you could write a blog post on your video’s theme to give it a home.

Send your video to the following address: Could your sales staff use your movie as a marketing tool? Do you already have a customer list that is qualified? Consider how your video can help you with your current email marketing campaign.

9. Keep a tab on your analytics.

YouTube includes built-in metrics that make it simple to see how well your video is performing. YouTube Analytics, like Google Analytics for your website, allows you to track:

  • Total number of views
  • Keep an eye on the clock.
  • Retention of the audience
  • Source of traffic Age of the viewer Gender of the viewer Geography of the viewer Impressions
  • Rates of click-through

There’s so much more! You can use this information to guide your content strategy in the future. What are the most popular videos on YouTube? How can you improve your entire video strategy by producing additional content like those videos? Is there a video that has gotten so much attention that you want to run a sponsored ad campaign to help it gain even more traction? These indicators can assist you in making educated content decisions.

10. Set the tone right

Consider the overall atmosphere of the piece you’re making, as well as how all of the video’s aspects — music, lighting, voiceover, even color composition – work together to create that mood and reflect your brand. Make sure your film has a consistent tone throughout and that it reflects your primary purpose. You might begin by creating a list of adjectives to help you through the process; you might want to make a motivational and encouraging film, serious and tear-jerking, or high-octane and fast-paced. Determine the way you want to take before you start collecting footage so that your film represents the tone you’re attempting to convey.


Making a YouTube video can be interesting and challenging at the same time. You must enjoy the process but you should do this while keeping the technicalities in mind. Also, once you create your YouTube video, don’t forget to cross-link it with other video platforms.

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