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4 TV Shows That Reflect Real College Students Experiences

The time spent in college is very important in the life of any youth. During this period, some experiences shape you for life. As a college student, you’d get to experience the good, the bad and the ugly side of life.

You’d also get to write endless essays. However, this isn’t necessarily a problem because you can use an essay writing service to handle all of your essay writing needs. 

In college, there is an insane indirect pressure to join the sororities and the fraternities. Then, there are the insane sexual stereotypes attached to fraternities. We seriously have all the parts of American pie to blame for this stereotype. 

There are a lot of things you should worry about, like what you should do on your first day of college classes. On your first day, you may need to take the front seat, so that you would be able to pay attention to what is being taught. Also, there is the aspect of making friends. Just in case you were worried about getting along with your friends, you could just invite them over to watch something with you on Netflix, Emily in Paris is one super interesting series that you all could watch together. There is just one season on Netflix at the moment, but there is a new season in the works. 

However, apart from series like this, there are shows about college that present the reality of college life, just in case you were wondering what college life really looks like. 

Today, there are tons of movies for college students who have probably just gotten in and are trying to navigate through the experience. These shows portray a typical day in the life of a college student.

So, without further ado, let’s get down to brass tacks and explore four college TV shows/movies that reflect real college students’ experiences. 

“Legally Blonde”

This is a funny and interesting 2001 movie that teaches a really important lesson. Everyone sees a blonde girl and immediately thinks “Big boobs and blonde”. However, she is much more than that and she goes on to make sure she proves that she is. 

She gets into law school and not only does she become an amazing lawyer, she kicks ass while at it. The movie teaches us that you will be stereotyped the moment you walk into college. People will already have an idea of  what they think you are or will be in their minds and they’d try to make you feel like you cannot not be better. 

You have the chance to either fit into that box they have created or be something else. There is a bit of romance here, so get your cheesy absorber. The main actors are Reese Witherspoon, Selma Blair, and Luke Wilson. 

One interesting event that makes this movie stand out is the fact that the main character’s success was inspired by heartbreak. Now, we aren’t saying that heartbreak will make you a really successful college student but if you do get heartbroken, you can borrow a page from Elle Woods’ book. 


“Grown-ish”, the 2018 spinoff from the show “Black-ish,” talks about a young girl leaving her parents and starting out at college. This is an important show because when you get to college, you will be hit with all the feelings she was hit with almost immediately. Wonder, surprise, fear, and a whole lot of other feelings. 

There is also the feeling of naivety, wanting to fit in, trying to make friends, falling in love, trying to navigate relationships and other things that happen when you first walk through those college gates. 

As a fresh college student, there’s a huge chance you’d make all the bad decisions Zoey Johnson made. But don’t worry. You can always bounce back on your feet. 

Grown-ish is the perfect show to watch if you’re looking for an honest, raw description of how life in college really is. The main actor is Yara Shahidi. 

“A Different World”

The 1978 spinoff from “The Cosby Show” takes us into the life of Denise Huxtable, a young girl, journeying through college life at a historically black college. The timing of this show is important as it realistically explained the life of black people and their struggles with getting  good education at the time.

However, it does not stop there. It goes on to explore deep issues like rape, racism and some politics. Another reason this was important at the time was that it raised the topic of AIDs. 

In the 90s, the epidemic was at its worst ravaging state in the United States. While it was very relevant then, it is also very relevant now as it will help first-timers to understand that college is not all professors and fraternities. 

Things would happen that would shake you and it’s important to be prepared for them. The main actor of the show was Lisa Bonet.

“Pitch perfect”

Now, while this 2012 movie is more of a musical than it is a college movie, it shows us something important. Wanting to fit in in college is like the ultimate goal for a lot of young people. They must find the right place to fit into. The right extracurricular for a college student is like finally finding a round peg for a round hole. 

Final Thoughts 

When kids get into college for the first time like some of the shows have suggested, the first important aspect is making friends. Just in case you were worried about getting along with your friends, you could just invite them over to watch something with you on Netflix. 

Enjoy college, live, be happy and please, don’t forget to study. 

If you feel even the least bit nervous, these TV shows about fictional colleges listed above could ease your college life.



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