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5 Advanced SEO Techniques That’ll Increase Your Search Traffic

If you want to increase organic traffic then you have to know the updated SEO techniques. At the same time hundreds of competitors are publishing contents like yours. Being an SEO expert, you can beat them and rank your contents on top page.

According to the researches more than 50% traffic of maximum websites are came from search engines. So, you should not miss this opportunity. Being on top search results you need to take care a lot of things and updated information about Google algorithms.

In USA almost 80% people searches the product on Google before buying. 75% of them never turns on the second page of the search result. Today in this article we will mention five useful SEO techniques that will help your websites to rank on first page and increase organic traffic form the SERP.

1.  First Conduct an SEO Audit of Your Website:

Before applying any other techniques, run an audit to de if there are issues in your website. You can do it easily by using tools like AHREFS, SEO Yoast, etc. But if you don’t have any idea on auditing then you may take help from the best SEO agency in Brisbane.

Probably you will find the barriers that restricts your website to rank despite publishing good contents regularly. To find out this, you have to check some important things like, On-page items (SEO Title, H1, Meta description, URL structure, Keywords, Loading speed) and a deep insight on off-page findings (Backlinks, Crawl errors, Competitor analysis).

2.  SEO Friendly Landing Page: 

A well-designed landing page helps to rank higher, also it increases the click through rate. Instead homepage focus on your landing pages. You can build a landing page for a specific targeted keyword. It increases the chance of ranking as the page is created around the main keyword.

Things you need to build a good landing page: 

  • Use well researched long tail keywords along with the main keyword.
  • Do not use navigations.
  • Make the content informative that fulfill user’s needs.
  • Use of proper call to action button that refers to your service or product pages.

3, Make Your Website Mobile Friendly: 

Over 70% users search from the mobile device. In 2016 Google algorithm was updated and they give priority to rank to those sites which performs well in mobile.

Two things you need to be careful when designing your pages for mobile: –

  • Page loading time on mobile. It should take be maximum three seconds to load your page completely in mobile.
  • Responsive pages that doesn’t break in mobile screen resolution.

4. Don’t Miss Broken link opportunities on High Authority Websites

Good quality links still pays off. A quality backlink can boost your page’s ranking. Instead of building new links, you can focus on broken link building. To do it:

  • Select some high authority websites that are relevant to your niche.
  • Using tools like Ahrefs find out the broken external links of those websites.
  • Select informative contents of your website that are most relevant to the broken pages.
  • Reach out to the sites owner and inform them that one of their external links is broken and propose them to use your page as the replacement of the broken link.

5. Follow Your Top Competitors Strategy 

Your competitors definitely done some good works that’s why they are ranking well. Analyze your competitors and find out those key things that you are missing.

Compare the SEO titles, meta description, contents, keywords & backlinks to get a better understanding of the picture.