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How Do You Save a Song from YouTube?

The music scene has exploded. Every day countless new songs get uploaded to websites such as YouTube. Now, just for a second, imagine how much better it would be if you could somehow save all of your favorite songs right to your Android or Apple mobile device. Well, you can! At this moment, there are a few software solutions available that you can use to save a song to your PC or mobile device so that you can enjoy it later. MP3Studio is just one example of such a YouTube downloader tool.

What are some of the reasons why you should use MP3Studio?

MP3Studio is a free tool that you can use to save songs from the YouTube platform to your personal computer or mobile devices in no time at all. The following are just a few of the reasons that you should give MP3Studio a try:

  • You can save as many as 99 songs simultaneously. And that is not all! The songs will be saved in the background which leaves you free to do something else on the Internet while you wait.

  • Even if you have not used such an app before, you will find it easy to save songs with MP3Studio without any help. The app is really simple and does not call for any technical knowledge.

  • As you do not first have to download and install any extra plug-ins or software, you can begin to use MP3Studio immediately.

  • The interface of MP3Studio is extremely intuitive. It is very easy to understand and use.

  • As you do not first need to fill out a registration form at any stage of the conversion process, it works much quicker than other tools.

  • The speed at which it saves songs is overwhelmingly impressive.

  • You can also listen to the song online prior to saving it to your personal computer or mobile device.

  • You can use it free of charge (and you can rest assured that you will not be charged a hidden fee when you least expect it).

  • You can use it to listen to songs while you are not connected to Wi-Fi and use your valuable data for other things such as browsing Facebook or catching up on the latest news.

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How can I use it to save a song on YouTube to my phone?

As mentioned earlier, MP3Studio is very fast and easy to use. You only have to complete a few simple steps if you want to save that smashing song. Here are the steps:

  1. Find the song (or songs) that you wish to save to your device

  2. Now, copy the link (URL) of that song

  3. Paste the link (URL) that you have copied into the input field

  4. Pick the type of format that you want to save the song to

  5. Click on “Convert”

  6. The process will be completed in a few seconds. Just sit tight!

That’s all great, but will I get in any trouble if I save songs from YouTube?

There is no real straightforward answer. So, please continue reading as we try to explain. The YouTube platform does not give users the OK to save videos at this moment. That being said, if you will be listening to the songs that you have saved for your own personal use only, you will not be found guilty of breaking any copyright rules. If you want to download videos from YouTube in iphone, you can try Best YouTube downloader apps for iphone from apple store.

This means that if you are only planning to save songs for personal use, you are not supposed to get into legal trouble. Just think about it – there is nothing illegal about not wanting to waste time listening to an annoying advertisement. Though, you may not share those saved songs on other sites otherwise you will be breaking copyright rules. To learn how to use music without copyright infringement, click here

Why does YouTube not want to give permission?

YouTube does not want to give people permission to save songs as their content brings in money from the advertisements at the start of the songs that have been uploaded to their platform. They are scared that if their users simply saved songs, these advertisements will be seen by fewer people.