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5 Amazing Facts to Know About Phoenix

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Arizona’s capital city, Phoenix, is situated in the state’s center region. The fifth-largest city in the United States may be known for its year-round sunshine, desert beauty, world-class resorts, and golf, but it also provides upscale urban scapes, southwest culture, and plenty of outdoor activity. 

The name Phoenix was proposed by Englishman “Lord” Phillip Darrell Duppa to designate a metropolis that emerged from the remains of a bygone civilization. This city has a lot more in store for you if you find that interesting. Even if you are a resident of Phoenix, there are likely many things you don’t know. 

So, do you want to know about Phoenix and its hidden facts? Then, read this article as we will tell you 5 amazing facts about the largest and capital city of Arizona. 

1. The Population of Phoenix

Phoenix’s metro area had 4,652,000 residents in 2022, up to 1.48% from 2021. Phoneix’s metro region had 4,584,000 residents in 2021, up 1.62% from 2020. 

 It is the 5th most populous city in the United States, the most populous city in the state of Arizona, and the most populated state capital in the country. 

The greater Phoenix area has a population of close to 4.5 million people and 2,000 square miles. It includes the nearby cities of Chandler, Glendale, Scottsdale, and Tempe. With a projected growth rate of nearly 60% over the next few years, the region is expected to continue surpassing U.S. Population growth, which is astounding to comprehend given that the population of Arizona as a whole is currently just over 7 Million. 

2. Sonoran Desert

The Sonoran Desert, one of the wettest and greenest deserts in the US, is where Phoenix is located. The Saguaro Cactus is unique to the Sonoran Desert and cannot be found anywhere else in the World. 

3. The Beautiful Outdoor Scenery

There are nearly 200 gold courses in greater Phoenix, it has become one of the top golfing destinations in the globe. However, there are many other outdoor activities to take part in when it is not too hot, such as hiking, biking, and horseback riding, if playing 18 holes of golf is not your thing. 

You can visit and enjoy the paths in South Mountain Park and Preserve, the biggest municipal park in North America. Take a hike up Camelback Mountain, which as shape similar to the head and hump of kneeling camel. Alternately, spend some time in the sun at one of the 6 lakes that are about 75 minutes away from the city. One of the numerous reasons to migrate to Phoenix is the abundance of outdoor activities. 

4. Phoenix Convention Center 

The Hohokam and other ancient cultures formerly called Phoenix home. Archaeologists found remains that were 3,000 years old underneath some of Downtown Phoenix in 2006, as the Phoenix Convention center was being built. 

5. The Amazing Sports Leagues Of Phoenix

Phoenix has teams in each of the 4 major professional sports leagues, including the NBA’s Phoenix Suns, MLB’s Arizona Diamondbacks, the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals, and the NHL’s Arizona Coyotes (NHL). Since ISM Raceway holds two NASCAR events each racing season, even NASCAR fans won’t be let down. 

The Phoenix region’s main sport may be baseball, nevertheless. A total of 15 MLB Teams, including the Cubs, White Sox, Royals, Dodgers, Brewers, Oakland A’s, Padres and other teams travel to phoenix for Spring Training. 

In one of the better areas of the Phoenix area, Glendale, the Arizona Cardinals play their home games at State Farm Stadium. The stadium has a roll-out grass surface and a retractable fabric roof. Magic! In this year, State Farm Stadium will play host to the annual Fiesta Bowl for college football as well as Super Bowl LVII. 


Consider Phoenix to be an amazing city? We also do. Want to relocate there or visit there once, then you might plan a trip to Phoenix with your loved ones and family. Phoenix is an amazing place as we mentioned above the facts about Phoenix. There are many more hidden facts about Phoenix which you might not know. Phoenix is not a place, it’s an emotion. You must visit Phoenix once with your family and friends.