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Classic WoW Class Leveling Guide

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Are you overwhelmed trying to figure out the best way to level your favorite WoW class? Have you been playing World of Warcraft for some time and now looking to add a higher level of challenge by re-experiencing your classic journeys? Then look no further, as we have put together some incredible guides on class leveling. 

Classic WoW Class Leveling Guide

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced veteran with thousands of hours logged in the game – these guides will help you move through the game faster, more efficiently and with maximum success.

Leveling a Druid

Leveling a druid in Classic WoW is a lengthy process, but one that’s made much more enjoyable if you take the time to savor all the unique and interesting experiences it has to offer. 

No two experiences will be the same, but some of the key things you shouldn’t miss when leveling include exploring iconic dungeons like Maraudon and Zul’Farrak, earning bonus rewards for completing quest chains and gaining access to magical equipment after becoming higher level. 

Don’t forget about taking advantage of best-in-slot gear from classic raids such as Molten Core or Onyxia’s Lair, as well as crafting impressive items with tailoring or alchemy. 

Plus, engaging in exciting battles in PvP battlegrounds like Warsong Gulch or Alterac Valley can provide you with great opportunities to hone your skills while advancing through the levels. There’s plenty to explore and experience while leveling your druid in Classic WoW – make sure you take it all in.

Here are a few important things to keep in mind while leveling Druid.

  • Complete your Druid quests.
  • Learn the Cat Form and Travel Form properly at level 20 and 30 respectively.
  • Save up gold to mount.
  • At level 50, start examining your Pre-Raid BiS gear and the locations where it drops.

Leveling a Hunter

One of the most engaging aspects of playing a hunter class in Classic WoW is having access to many unique and powerful abilities for both players and their pets. From tracking skills like “Find Herbs” and “Find Minerals,” to crowd control abilities like “Frost Trap” and “Freezing Arrow,” hunters have an arsenal at their disposal that can make them among the most powerful classes in Azeroth. 

Additionally, most Hunter’s pets have their own powers – such as summoning helpful companions, providing extra stats or buffs to allies, and even tanking against enemies. As a result, leveling up a Hunter can be an incredibly rewarding experience, provided you take advantage of all these options available. 


Keep your camera settings low so you can survey enemy locations with ease; use trackers/macros/add-ons to help identify mobs quickly; make sure to always choose your pet before every battle; and don’t forget to equip appropriate gear according to your level. By following these strategies, Hunters can reap the maximum benefit from each encounter.

Here are a few important things to keep in mind while leveling Hunter.

  • Complete the Hunter’s mission.
  • Make sure you have enough arrows or bullets loaded.
  • Gather gold.
  • At level 50, start examining your Pre-Raid BiS gear and the locations where it drops.

Leveling a Mage

As a Mage in Classic WoW, it’s important to learn the key features and abilities of your class in order to level up efficiently. While leveling, remember to take advantage of some of the unique opportunities Mages have to explore end-game content with friends. Consider participating in raids such as Molten Core or Blackwing Lair, where you can test your powers as a Mage with a dedicated team. 

Additionally, be sure to make use of magical portals that enable fast travel between cities and other various locations, saving time for farming herbs or completing quests. For recreation and further exploration, revisit locations such as Darnassus and take in the vibrant architectural beauty that comes from the nightelf capital. 

Finally, have fun discovering the many different builds and Glyphs out there which can help increase one’s strength as a Mage during leveling.

Here are a few important things to keep in mind while leveling Mage.

  • Start the chain with your Mage trainer at levels 30-40. 
  • Start Polymorph with your Mage trainer at level 60.
  • Get a wand to level up quickly in dungeons.
  • Save 50 gold to buy mount riding skill.
  • Start inspecting your Pre-Raid BiS gear and where it drops at level 50.

Leveling a Paladin (Alliance only)

Leveling a Paladin in Classic World of Warcraft is an exciting and rewarding journey. No matter how long it takes, there are certain experiences that should not be overlooked along the way. 

Players should definitely make sure they visit AHN’QIRAJ to take on one of Classic WoW’s ultimate challenges, get their hands on the quick quest experience in Scholomance, pick up various rewards from outdoor bosses such as Ragnaros and Hakkar, and complete the bug-striding quest for some serious speed boosts. All of these opportunities will provide Paladin players with powerful gear and memorable adventures.

Here are a few important things to keep in mind while leveling Paladin.

  • Paladin alone levels slowly. Auto-attackers are fine! However, leveling with buddies is faster.
  • Paladin class tasks start at 12 and 20 with your trainer.
  • At level 40, your mount is free, but at 60, it requires an epic quest chain that may be expensive.
  • Start inspecting your Pre-Raid BiS gear and where it drops at level 50.

Leveling a Shaman (Horde only)

Leveling a Shaman in Classic World of Warcraft can be one of the most thrilling experiences for someone looking for an exciting MMORPG experience. 

Although leveling up can be a grind, there are plenty of things that you should make sure to take part in while doing it. For example, taking some time to explore dungeons like Scarlet Monastery and Uldaman is essential for any aspiring Shaman; each dungeon brings with it unique rewards, rare items and useful equipment that no Shaman should miss out on. Similarly, engaging in quests such as ‘Those That Couldn’t Let Go’ offers valuable reputation bonuses and helps progress the story of your character. 

Don’t forget to also take part in PvP activities if you want the best chance at getting top-tier gear – Warsong Gulch is a great place to start! Finally, joining guilds with other Shamans boosts not only your chances at completing activities but also gives access to exclusive raids for those willing to work together. All these opportunities will have you well prepared before embarking on late-game content such as Molten Core or Onyxia’s Lair.

Here are a few important things to keep in mind while leveling Shaman.

  • Install your addons before you log in and start traveling.
  • Get your totems quickly by completing your Shaman Class Quests.
  • After buying your first copper coins, always enchant your weapon.
  • Start inspecting your Pre-Raid BiS gear and where it drops at level 50.

Fastest way to level up in WoW Classic

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Inspecting your class guide is a great way to get ahead in World of Warcraft Classic. Compare the different options and make sure you’re getting the most popular, easiest to follow, or most comprehensive guide available. Regardless of which one you choose, having a leveling guide will help ensure that you hit all the important quest lines and level up as quickly as possible.