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5 Benefits of a VoIP System for Canadian Businesses

When you are in the business industry, you must have heard about the new telephone service system called the VoIP system. This system is different from the traditional one because of the advantages and benefits that this system provides. We will tackle that later in the article.

Several telephone providers could help improve the telephone services of a particular business. Telephone providers such as the B1 Communication VoIP system in Vancouver provide help and support to small businesses by offering their reliable telephone service and telephone interrogations for modern communication. 

Various VoIP providers could help small and big Canadian businesses such as Versature, Ring Central, and Ooma. These are VoIP systems that give a lot of benefits to Canadian companies. To know some of its benefits, here are some five benefits that could provide a sudden change to your company. 

1. Cheaper than traditional telephone lines.

The VoIP phone system will allow Canadian businesses to save some expenses. VoIP systems will lower your phone bill by 50%, depending on what type of business you are in. In some companies, VoIP systems offer indirect cost savings. 

VoIP has add-on special features with no extra payment needed. The traditional telephone service provides unique features such as a support system assisting call transfers, call queuing, group calls, and many more. You have to pay added fees to get these add-on features, but the VoIP phone service offers them free.

2. Increase profits of businesses.

The VoIP system can increase Canadian businesses’ profits by a thousandfold by making significant customer service improvements. If you are in the business industry, taking care of your customers is one thing to gaining their trust and turning them into loyal consumers. 

Sometimes customers will leave inquiries to some businesses through sending emails or messages. Still, some companies cannot attend to some of the customer’s questions because of the tight and busy schedule, thus resulting in loss of profits. With the VoIP system, every customer’s concern will be heard directly because of the auto-attendant feature. 

The artificial intelligence built-in in the VoIP system can reply to messages and answer calls. They were giving efficient service to customers and increasing the company’s sales by gaining numerous loyal customers.

3. Make businesses more productive.

Another benefit of a VoIP system is that it can make your employees more efficient and productive. There is a feature of VoIP that allows the call recordings and outlook interrogation to be written automatically to MS Outlook, which means that your employees will not anymore write down their whole conversation manually to have a record of the transcript. 

The VoIP system also has ACD and call queue features that would automatically forward calls to employees even in peak hours, making work more comfortable and more efficient.  

4. Make small businesses seem like large ones and make larger companies more approachable.

If you have a small business in Canada, you can make it look big because of the auto-attendant feature and call transferring VoIP system offers. Even a single individual can handle dozens of calls to make it look like they have a larger company. 

On the other hand, it would make larger companies more approachable. Why? This is because customers hold back to ask some questions and inquire because they feel like a large and busy company would not give one single concern any attention. Auto-attendant and call transferring will make that feeling go away; any question and concerns, no matter how big or small it is, will be answered immediately. 

5. A more secured phone system.

Phone systems on different Canadian businesses with a VoIP system will be more secure than before. Various scams could harm any companies such as social engineering. 

This is used to track employees and staff through continuously giving fraudulent phone calls that could lessen productivity. VoIP systems can negate these threats and scams by enhancing the IP technology, including encryption and improvements in identity management. Besides this, some VoIP providers work 24/7 to secure and protect their networks.

These providers also withstand independent security audits, secure passwords, and have automated alerts if they notice questionable calls and odd behavior.